Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Obama Lipstick Comment: Lipstick on a Pig

Good, now that I have your attention, I have to say that McCain's choice in VP seems to be more and more of a brilliant tactical move. This morning, after viewing Obama's lipstick on a pig comment that McCain also used at one time in the campaign in reference to Hillary's health care plan, ABC did a hard hitting investigative report on Palin's controversial background. Apparently she ASKED a librarian what she would think about removing books with questionable content. In today's world asking and doing may be the same thing to the dunces in the media. They also hinted on the fact that she might have actual faith and go to a real church. They even played a clip of the current pastor of a church she no longer attends actually having the courage to speak out against homosexuality. You know, I ate IHOP several months ago. A little time after that, there was a shooting. Does that mean I support gang hangouts. It will if I run for office.


Kansas Bob said...

Now that was a great IHOP breakfast Scott.. need to do it again :)

jrchaard said...

Yes, I had a good time. We need to do it before it gets cold.