Thursday, September 11, 2008

Obama on Letterman

I have never been a fan of the Late-Night talk shows. I have known that David Letterman has a left wing bias, so I shouldn't be shocked based on the highlights I saw of Obama on Dave's show playing Abbott to Letterman's Costello. I can imagine the backroom negotiations on this one.

Dave:Barry, you are getting creamed out there. Your delivery off speech is about as smooth sandpaper. And that whole lipstick thing. You need to stick to speaking about change and hope. I do have an opportunity for you to be my set up man. You come on my show and I'll throw you a fastball, then you say a couple of cool things and I will take the opportunity to slam McCain for you. I mean, you have to leave this comedy stuff to the professionals.

Plus, Obama looked as fake as a silk rose. His laughter and his attempts to act like he is above the fray is pathetic.


Kansas Bob said...

No wonder you're upset Scott. That's Richard Simmons with Dave not Barack Obama :)

jrchaard said...

Just a contrast to the kind of guests he has on. Plus,you have to love Richy

Kansas Bob said...

I might take Richy over Ann Coulter.. a bit more entertaining :)