Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sarah Palin Convention Speech Takes the Bite out of Obama-Biden

I didn't quite get McCain's angle for choosing Sarah Palin as his running mate. Sure she has conservative credentials and sure she is a woman, but is she is no Hillary Clinton. Hillary has no real virtue and no real family experience except that which she had to endure for first her husband's career, and now her own. Hillary has arisen on the coat tails of her husband and would likely be an obscure lawyer practicing in Little Rock without Bill. Sarah Palin is a creation all of her own. As I watched her speak last night, I saw the skill and confidence that comes by not being a phony. If woman were to rally to a candidate based solely on image, Sarah has Hillary beat. I'm sure that is what McCain is counting on.

But that is not the real reason I think McCain chose Sarah Palin. For one week now, the election has turned from McCain vs Obama to all Palin all the time. Even though it has been negative media coverage, you know Obama is jealous for all the attention. Right now, I'm sure Obama is saying, "Um, uh, uh, excuse me. (long pause) Where, uh, uh, have all the uh camera's gone?" And despite all the negative coverage, people all falling in love with her, and I don't just think it is the conservative base.

But that also is not the real reason I think McCain chose Sarah Palin. The moment hit me after her speech as her family was assembled on the stage, including her infant child with Downs Syndrome, I realized what it will now look like to the American people if the Obama campaign attacks her, sweet, wholesome mother, daughter, sister, or wife of the American people. Imagine the Vice Presidential debates as Obama's supposed pit bull tries to attack her. It will not sit well.

I call the McCain campaigns plan the Puss 'N Boots strategy. Remember in the movie Shrek 2, we are introduced to a new character voiced by Antonia Banderas, Puss 'N Boots, or just Puss. Shrek and gang come along this cat with a hat and sword, but when they go to attack, it simply gets all bigged eyed and precious looking. Shrek's defenses melt at the sight of this sweet little creature. And then before Shrek knew it, Puss erupted into a furious attack. Shrek was caught off guard. Puss' best trick was the ability to quickly resume the cute kitty pose and disarm the counter attack. Obama and Biden will certainly take on the role of an ugly green ogre when up against Palin 'N Boots.

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