Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Slavery and the New Testament. Colossians 3:22

I am not a biblical scholar, but I do read the bible often, specifically the New Testament. When I come to the passage below, I'm constantly stumped in how to take it.

"Slaves, obey your earthly masters in everything; and do it, not only when their eye is on you and to win their favor, but with sincerity of heart and reverence for the Lord."

Some translations have "Slaves" as "Servants", which could be an important difference as I am a servant to my job and not a slave, so as a servant I should obey not for purpose of pleasing my boss, but because it is pleasing to the Lord. Taking this translation though, I can't grapple with God telling his people that he loves so much that they should be good slaves. This passage does not say it is okay to own slaves, just how to behave as a slave. I have several ideas on how to take this passage.

If I look at slavery during that time, it is certainly different than slavery as it existed in the U.S. By in large, you were either free or a slave. I don't think they had "employees" as they exist today. This would give more credibility to the "servant" translation. As a servant, you should serve your master on earth as you would your Master in heaven.

I also had the thought that those in power quite often feared slave revolts. They thought that is what Christ came to do. Perhaps Paul inserted this text to put down those fears amongst those in power so that they would be free to carry out the movement. This would then say that we would have to take this text as an aside from God's heart, which I don't think is true. To handle this theory, you must also understand that many of the slaves also thought that Christ would lead a slave revolt. Christ did free them from their slavery to sin, which is eternal freedom as we see in Colossians 3:24.

"since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving."

Another idea, which I think has some merit, is that you should make the most of whatever situation you are in, because regardless of the circumstance, your purpose is to please God and do his work so that you can be a reflection of God's love to those around you, which could include a brutal master. However, this still doesn't answer God's view on slavery.

To get my answer, I had to look back into the old testament and story of Moses. I realized that God hates slavery. When his chosen people were enslaved by the Egyptians, it saddened him. He sent Moses to free his people. In no other time aside from creation and Christ, can I think tat God showed his power to so many in so short a time. Quite often, we rely on faith, but before Pharoh, God demonstrated his power and presense on earth. He went so far as to kill the first born of those that did not carry the blood of the lamb. God freed the slaves. Through the belief in Christs work on the cross, we can all be God's chosen people. Therefore, God would not choose slavery.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Scientist cure "Blank" in Mice

As an avid reader of the news, I come across two things quite often in the scientific and health sections. Some sort of climate change and some sort of new treatment for a disease that cured a mouse. I have already written about climate change, so this time I am focusing on the mouse. For every conceivable ailment, mice have been the starting point for coming up with new treatments. For everything from obesity, MS, and heart disease to every single form of cancer. Today I was reading about a vaccine that cured a form of breast cancer in mice and it got me thinking. If we have developed all of these successful treatments for mice, shouldn't there be some super smart and super healthy mouse out there. With all of these treatments, why would mice ever die. Remember The Secret of Nimh. I have to believe there is some truth to that movie.

Monday, October 27, 2008

White Supremacists Are Foolish

Every now and again I am reminded that there really are people that have not evolved their thinking beyond the 19th century, people that think God only created white people. They like to remind us by trying to assassinate a presidential candidate because they are black. Yes, another plot was foiled, though I doubt much work had to be done to uncover it as these types are usually unintelligent in areas that branch beyond their prejudices. Good luck fellas, I'm sure you'll make friends in prison.

Public Radio Interview Confirms Obama is a Socialist

Every day now, we get some sort of peek into Barrak's true nature. I feel it may be too little too late. If anyone ever wanted to make a comparison between McCain and Obama, think about the Joe the Plumber comment. An isolated slip of the tongue, not according to a recently released radio interview with Barrak Obama in 2001. The summary of his comments consists of his disappointment that the Civil Rights movement did not include economic redistribution. Couple this with questions around his citizenship and the story that the L.A. Times has video of Obama at gathering with Rashid Khalidi in which he toasts the organizers, while they go on to make anti-Israel statements. Yet in the media, crickets. This is a crime. I do agree that many politicians are much the same regardless of party, but McCain does not associate with extremist after extremist, and he is no affirmed Socialist. How man extremists does Obama have to be tied to before the electorate sees a pattern? What if McCain had a string of associations with KKK members. While he wouldn't be directly involved, the mere proximity would cause a stir. Again, are you being intellectually honest in your vote.

Hawaii Governor Seals Obama Birth Certificate

Just as Obama finished his Hawaii trip to visit his ailing grandmother, the Hawaii Governor, Linda Lingle, has sealed Obama's birth certificate to keep this private information from the press. I do agree this is private information, but the circumstances here are different. He may be President and there is legitimate fear he may not be a natural born citizen. Obama does not have the proof needed to get a Missouri Driver's License, yet he may be elected President.

Ms. Lingle's announcement comes after Barrak Obama suddenly left the campaign trail in the closing days of the election to visit his grandmother, mind you he made this visit without his wife and kids. I believe that Obama travelled to Hawaii so that he could see the birth certificate himself. Following his examination, Lingle seals the document. Obama is only adding credibility to the claim.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Obama Citizenship Case Thrown Out Not on Merit

Yes, the headlines will read that a federal judge through out Phillip Berg's case questioning the validity of Barrak Obama's citizenship . Berg's case is based on his request for Obama to produce the full original birth certificate as Phillip Berg has audio recordings of Obama's family, including his paternal grandmother, claiming that they witnessed Barrak Obama being born in Kenya in 1961. The Judge said that an ordinary citizen does not have the standing to sue as he cannot prove injury due to the possible ineligibility of a presidential candidate.

While the judge is skeptical of Berg's claims, this does not dismiss the merit of the claim. He believes that Obama was sufficiently screened during the "hotly" contested primary. I dismiss such a statement as we know that Joe the Plumber received more media scrutiny than Obama. Obama's life and past are off limits to investigation and there really seems to be no will in the press to look into such important matters. Bush's guard service was absolutely essential in 2004, but Kenyan born Obama is just a technicality.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Phillip Berg Questions Obama Citizenship on Michael Savage

I have heard this story previously and feel it is worthy of mentioning. I know it sounds a bit conspiratorial, but the fact that the media has not looked into Obama's past at all and the source of the source of the story give it credibility. Last night, I listened to Savage interview Mr. Berg. To give some background, Phillip Berg is a life long democrat, the former deputy Attorney General of Pennsylvania, and due paying member of the NAACP. Mr. Berg's assertion is that Barrak Obama is not a citizen. First, the birth certificate published on Obama's site is incomplete and appears to be a forger. Barrak Obama refuses to release his birth certificate and Phillip Berg is suing for its release.

Second, Phillip Berg now says that he has a recording of Obama's paternal grandmother in which she states that she witnessed his birth in 1961, in Kenya. Either Obama is lying or his grandmother is. Thirdly, Obama will not release his college records. Mr. Berg believes that those records will show that Obama is not a citizen and received foreign aid to attend college. If true, Obama is constitutionally disqualified from being President.

Now, before you claim that I am seeing black helicopters, remember in the 2004 election when Bush's guard service was in question. The media went to great lengths based solely on the claim of a relative of a person that supervised Bush. Dan Rather went so far as to use a forged document to try to make the claim. If the media is willing to look into claims like this, why wouldn't they listen to a Democrat AG that merely wants to see a birth certificate. Be intellectually honest with yourself before you think to criticize. Why look into the guard issue and not a citizenship issue.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Rush Limbaugh Continues to Take Queues from Zulubuff

In several of my posts this month, I later heard my point echoed by Rush Limbaugh. Today, I am now listening to him discuss how dangerous it is when people learn they can vote themselves money. I have discussed this issue on several posts. One was posted in January, and one earlier this month. I must admit that I am not the originator of this concept, but it still makes me wonder, could Rush Limbaugh be a Zulubuff reader?

McCain Versus Obama: Baseball Comparison

I'll keep this one simple. Baseball has teams with virtually unlimited budgets, like the Yankees and the Red Sox. Then there are small market teams like the Royal's or Twins or Devil Rays. Obama is like the Yankees. The Yankees have a ton of fans all over and always draw sell outs. To the small market cities, they are despised and viewed as the elitist of baseball. It is almost like the team is removed from the rest of America. McCain is more like a small market team. The small market team only has a fraction of the payroll that the Yankees do, yet their goal is the same, to win the world series. They have to rely on raw talent and minor league development. They usually don't have the largest attendance and struggle against the Yankees. When it comes to press coverage, the Yankees get video highlights, small markets get their scores flashed. Every now and again, the Yankees fall on their face despite their payroll, like they did this year. And every now and again, the small market team makes it to the world series despite the odds, like the Devil Rays did this year. I have a feeling that McCain may fair the same as Tampa Bay, while Obama with his big budget goes down in flames.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Requiem for a Dream Fortells Future

I think there are many movies that depict the future with varying degrees of accuracy. Gattaca I always felt did the best job in that technological advancements were underplayed while DNA profiling dominated every aspect of life. Recently I watched a movie called Requiem for a Dream. This movies shows how 4 lives succumb to heroin and speed addiction. I specifically enjoyed the mother's story. She was a normal woman that wanted to be on TV. When she got a phone call saying that she might be selected for a game show, she was on cloud nine. Of course she wanted to fit into that old red dress that brought back memories of better days, but she was too big to fit into it. She tried a diet, but ended up taking diet pills at a friends' suggestion. The diet pills are speed of course and she was a blur of activity. She didn't realize how wonderful they made her feel until her body got used to the dosage and life returned to normal.

Having adjusted to the dosage, the woman decided that she liked the way they made her feel more than what her goal was. She started mixing pills together and then the hallucinations started to kick in. Eventually, her journey to quick fame led to her being hospitalized and shocked into reality. She is a shell of a woman that is now confined to a mental hospital.

This is our same journey as a nation. These bailouts and stimulus packages are as appealing as speed is to a dieter. We passed one, and then that wasn't enough, so we do more and more. Then we hallucinate as a nation thinking that there are no consequences and no end to the money we can print. We are even becoming crazy enough to vote for Obama, because he can give us more speed. Obama appeals to the addict this nation has become. In the end, I fear we will also become destitute and need shock therapy to wake us up. Only it will likely be our kids that have to go through the treatment for our addiction.

Second Economic Stimulus Package Endorsed by Fed Chair

A second economic stimulus package has been endorsed by Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke. What does this mean to the average person here in the United States. My theory is that Ben realized that we have switched from any type of monetary standard to the paper standard in that the value of any printed currency is only worth the paper it is printed on. So why not print more. We had one stimulus package this year, a 700 billion dollar bailout, and now a call for a 3rd economic redistribution. I wonder why not shoot for the sky. Each bailout is truly creating money out of thin air, why not go all out. Why not buy everyone's house and car and food and clothing. This is the slippery slope "Joe the plumber" was talking about. Behind every action, there is a principle. Once you allow for the principle of economic redistribution, whether that being in some form of entitlement program, minimum wage, subsidies, or just straight cash, where does it stop. It really is like a meth addiction.

Right to Vote

I feel that we have crossed a threshold in this country where the people have decided that it is better to vote themselves other people's money than to stand up on principle, and this crowd's banner carrier is Barrak Obama. I have long felt that the right to vote is too widely extended. I really don't think that our founding fathers intended this type of "if you have a pulse" democracy. I don't think they envisioned activist groups rounding up homeless people, registering them to vote, telling them who to vote for, and then giving them coffee and cigarettes.

Anytime I think about how to rework the requirements, I hit a brick wall, until now. I feel that in order to vote, you must have a more vested interest in voting than just having a pulse. My solution is based on taxes. If you do not pay any income taxes, such as myself, you should not be able to vote. Because of the number of children I have and the income I make, I pay no taxes and actually still get a refund because of the child tax credit. If I was a selfish unprincipled person, I would vote for the candidate that would either perpetuate this tax credit or increase it. This is fundamentally wrong.

My rule would say that in order for you to be able to vote in national elections and if you pay no income taxes, you must opt out of whatever tax break is causing you to pay no taxes. In my case, I would have to opt out of the child tax credit. Because I pay into the system, I might be more likely to pay attention to the election and issues and vote on principle.

But our tax system is so complicated, how do you implement the opt out program and what is the minimum that must be paid? I agree that it is too complicated and may be exclusionary. The way around this is to either implement a Flat Tax or preferably a National Sales Tax. This way you ensure that everyone has equal stake and opportunity to vote.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Three is the Magic Number for Obama

Three is the magic number this weekend for the media to throw up all over themselves to say that Obama has it in the bag. First, Obama raised 150 million dollars. That is enough for him to spend 10 million dollars a day for the rest of the campaign. When you factor in the free media he gets, the advantage is unbelievable. Of course, we must not forget that he broke a campaign promise when he decided not to accept public funding.

Second, Obama had a rally of around 100k people in St. Louis. Let's not forget that St. Louis is right around the corner from his sweet home Chicago. I never hear a thing about the rally sizes for McCain or Palin. Third, Obama received an endorsement from one of the most famous RINO's (Republican In Name Only) Colin Powell. The way this endorsement has been covered you would think that this non-entity in the election is the single vote in the electoral college.

Keep hope alive. It is the electoral college that decides the election, not the popular vote. Obama may very well win by wide margins in the liberal coasts, but we shall see how he plays in the "battleground" states. When you go to vote, just remember "spread the wealth".

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Powell Endores Obama, No Shock to Zulubuff

This endorsement doesn't surprise me in the least, and it has nothing to do with race. Colin Powell is about as much a representative of the conservative wing of the Republican party as John Kerry. I don't know what his motivations are exactly, except maybe to try to make himself relevant again. His reasons for the endorsement are very telling as to what things drive him. According to the AP, Colin Powell said his reasons for endorsing Obama, "I think we need a transformational figure. I think we need a president who is a generational change and that's why I'm supporting Barack Obama." Those reasons are to put it mildly, lame. Powell is such a deep person that his reasons for supporting Obama are skin deep. You know, Karl Marx was a transformational figure, should we support him. Mr. Powell, what kind of transformation are you looking for? Are you looking for a person to come in and redistribute wealth and enhance the role of government in our lives? Additionally, it appears that mere criticism of Obama is enough for Powell to throw his weight in Obama's direction. So let's look at the facts and list out why Powell endorsed Obama.

1. He doesn't like the attacks on Obama by McCain and other Republicans

2. He wants a transformational character (thought the transformation desired is not specified)

3. He wants someone that will bring generational change (he is age discriminating)

If an endorsement comes based on these criteria, I dismiss the endorsement and the person offering the endorsement for being intellectually shallow. As an addition, Didn't Colin Powell advocate the very Iraq strategy that Barrak's candidacy is against. If Barrak is going to use Powell as an advisor, what would he be advising on. Sounds like 4 more years of Bush.

Friday, October 17, 2008

SNL Provides Free Advertising For Obama.

I may be one of the few people left, especially conservative, that enjoys Saturday Night Live, at least some of it. I enjoy good political satire, even at the expense of conservatives. I especially enjoy their treatment of Sarah Palin. Typically, they try to present a somewhat balanced portrayal, if not a slight liberal lean. However, I have noticed now over the past couple of shows, especially after last night's show, that they have thrown it in 100% for Obama. I even turned to my wife to make that comment and she agreed.

I don't doubt that everyone on SNL are all Obama supporters already, but they threw mud on his face too, because it is fun. Last night's parody of the 3rd debate in now way attempted to satire Obama. Obama was just the stoic character to SNL's charicature of McCain slipping away from reality. It was funny for a while, but without the balance, it really got old and I started to lose appreciation for the satire and began to look at it as pure Obama pumping. Their evening update portion wasn't any better. I like good satire and they are fully capable of doing it, but I'm not interested in watching Republican smear.

In the fall, SNL made big headlines as they pointed out the very obvious media adoration of Obama over Hillary Clinton. That skit was very instrumental in turning the election Hillary's way, though it came to late. Now the show has become what it once made fun of. I wonder if a post election coverage analysis will be done after the election to show just how much "free" advertising Obama received through soft news coverage and shows like SNL.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Joe the Plumber: ABC Interview with Dianne Sawyer

Joe the Plumber is more than just a punch line for the campaign. In last night's debate, his name was mentioned some 24 times according to ABC. It all centered around Obama's comment to this man earlier in the week where he told Joe that those making more than 250k need to have their wealth spread. This is the clearest sign that Obama is a Socialist.

Now, normally when you get a regular Joe the plumber type thrown into the campaign, you end up with some dude that can barely get out a sentence. This morning, however, I was pleasantly surprised as I watched Joe hand Dianne Sawyer her breakfast. She established in the interview first that he does not make even close to 250k, despite his defense of the rich. Dianne then asked him what about taxing people more that make 1 million or 5 million. Joe didn't blink. He asked Dianne how it is fair to tax people more just because they are successful, it is the American Dream and it sounds socialist to do so. He said someday Barry could think that 150k is pretty good money and decide to tax that too, "It's a slippery slope."

When Joe the Plumber ran the country, people voted on principle. I think that too many people are allowed to vote and have therefore diluted the voting block with a bunch of gimmees. It was also refreshing to see an articulate conservative show the difference between himself and the Obamites that just fawn over his looks.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

William Ayers is a College Professor: McVeigh/Ayers Comparison echoed by Limbaugh

In Barrak Obama's most recent radio ad, he attempts to take the William Ayers issue head on. The ad begins by saying that McCain said if the election becomes about the economy, he will lose. And that McCain is now running what the media calls a "smear". Now they switch to defense mode. They start of by saying that "William Ayers is a College Professor". I'll stop right there, because the rest is not that important. To frame the head of a domestic terrorist group as merely a "College Professor", a man that after 911 said he wished he could have done more, is to say that Timothy McVeigh was just a veteran.

What is the difference between Tim McVeigh and William Ayers? It's a college education, political affiliation, and body count. What glorious things might Tim McVeigh have accomplished if he was allowed to go free. He had a disagreement with his country and wanted to change its course just like William Ayers. If John McCain had launched his political career in Timothy McVeigh's living room or if John McCain served on the same board as McVeigh, or if McVeigh ghost wrote McCain's book, you have to ask yourself with all of your intellectual honesty, would the media give McCain the same pass? Would you give McCain the pass. Make no mistake, there is no difference in intent between McVeigh and Ayers.
Once again, since I wrote this post this morning, the content of the post was echoed today by Rush Limbaugh. I must be about 3 hours ahead of him.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Obama Lead Lets Him Show His Spots

I don't think Obama's spots are those of a Leopard, rather, they are the spots of plague you see under a microscope, and with his current lead, Obama feels confident enough to go coughing on everyone. There are two areas to speak of specifically. Recently, Obama was recorded having a conversation with a man who was upset that his taxes were going to be raised because he was over the $250,000 magical threshold. Obama replied in such an elitist manner. I will paraphrase and editorialize his response. Obama basically said that he isn't trying to punish the man, He just wants to spread the money around to give everyone a chance. Everyone should have a chance at 250k. The guy that made the 250k didn't have it given to him, he had to earn it through work, something Obama is not familiar with.

Think about how backwards this thinking is to the American Dream. You have 5% of the population that work really hard to make 250k, only to have their money given to the remaining 95%. This is the first time I have ever heard a Democrat openly explain that they plan on pursuing social redistribution of wealth. Usually it is in the guise of some program or some other smoke and mirror gimmick. This stuff makes my skin crawl. To see how this will end, I suggest reading "Atlas Shrugged".

In January, I wrote a blog entry called Democracy at the Tipping Point in which I said our biggest threat is when people realize in greater numbers that they can vote themselves other people's money. I had no idea that it would come with this election as Obama is certainly running on economic redistribution. It is our selfishness and lack of principle as a Nation that has brought us here.

The second point centers on abortion rights. In the Midwest, I wouldn't consider abortion to be as friendly of a term as it is on the coasts. However, in my current state of Missouri, one of those coveted battleground states, Obama is actively campaigning on abortion rights. Just so you know where Obama stands, he is supportive of delivering a viable baby and having it's brain sucked out to terminate its life in a process known as partial birth abortion. This is the type of medicine Nazi's would be in favor of doing to Jews. I am ashamed of my state if his campaign feels that such a message is welcome here. They are running full length ads centering on abortion only.

In my opinion, this man believes in a culture of death and control. He will control every aspect of your life and make sure that abortion is around to help keep the social issues at a forefront. If you favor this man, ask yourself how you can stand before God and say that I voted for a man that flagrantly destroys your creation.

Monday, October 13, 2008

New Poll finds Obama Leading McCain By Widest Margin Ever

A new poll conducted over the weekend found that Barrak Obama's lead over McCain has now widened to 50 points. The poll of likely voters found that 75% favored Obama, while just 25% favored McCain, with the margin of error being 100%. The poll was conducted using the scientific method of driving down one street in my neighborhood and counting the signs for either candidate. If you have a sign up, you are likely to vote in my book. Out of the 4 houses that displayed signs on the one street, 3 of them went for Obama and 1 went for McCain. A fifth house displayed a Bob Barr sign, but this pollster didn't feel the need to include that sign in mix.

Other internals to this poll include the fact that this neighborhood lies in a demographic that is both heavily African American and has elected a Democrat congressmen every election since slavery was legal, but none of that should affect the results of the poll. Voters should take from this poll the inevitability of an Obama Presidency and just save the gas money from voting for their favorite candidate, Barrak Obama, on election day Tuesday November 11, 2008. Again, that's Tuesday November 11, 2008.

Friday, October 10, 2008

The Face of the Mortgage Crisis

The face you will see of the mortgage crisis will be that of helpless victims that were almost forced to live in these homes by predatory lending. I read a story on Fox about a 90 year old woman that shot herself as deputies were preparing to serve an eviction notice. There is no denying that it is horrible that a person would be so desperate that they would resort to that kind of thing.

I see the credit crisis hitting friends and hitting my neighborhood. A friend of mine's custom home business is in jeopardy. I pray that he is able t adapt to this new market. On my street, there are at least 4 foreclosed homes. That street spans just a half mile.

One of these homes was home to a family of 3. The house had been modified from its original floor plan quite a bit, with many changes and additions. Additions included rear sliding door, pool, deck surrounding the pool, nice wood floors, and an over sized front window. Jogging past this house, I often saw the 50 inch TV being viewed. And in sitting in the driveway, 3 cars, jet skis, and a trailer to pull a custom race car. Now I really don't know why the foreclosure happened, but when all these things exist on the surface, it would appear that maybe they were purchases beyond their means.

The other home is right across the street. It's value is twice that of mine. The family it was sold to makes maybe $800.00 take home a month less than myself. Their payment was twice that of mine. My house payment is roughly 23% of my take home pay. Theirs was over 50% of their take home. Now, why would you take out a loan like that, and why would a bank offer a loan like that. If you take the combination of both of these situations, I think you see how Americans got themselves into this mess. People taking on too much debt and not acting their wage, while lending institutions offer too much credit.

My family and I have been on a 2 year journey to eliminate our debt. I know on a very personal level what kind of decisions can be made to get yourself into this mess. If I continued on the course I was on, I would be sharing the same story as the people above. First by God's grace, we have been shepherded through this season and can see the light (Psalm 23 is relevant here). Second, because we have been acting our wage and worked toward paying down our debt, I can offer our testimony here. Ours is one of a mortgage crisis averted. Now if Congress could only do the same.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button: Review

Recently, I saw that a movie is set to be released this Christmas called "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" I read the synopsis and found it very curious. I then went out to wikipedia to get a little more info and found that it was based on a short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Fortunately, I found that the short story was available on the internet to read, so I read it.

It is a very curious story. The short of this short story is that a man is born into the body and mental capacity of a 70 year old man. As he lives, he gets younger. It is interesting how the author encapsulates the typicals of each age as Benjamin regresses in age and how the ends of our lives can be similar. You feel bad for him as an elderly newborn, just wanting to fit in. You root for him as he gains acceptance and even marries. You feel bad for him again as he feels distanced from his wife as they age apart. You root for him again as he enters his fifties with a 20 year old body and becomes a football hero. Then, you again feel bad for him as his memories and drive again no longer match his physical ability. He no longer makes the football team and barely graduates from Harvard. His son becomes his caretaker and demands that he be called "Uncle". He slips into the joy of being a child and a toddler and is only filled with happiness. And then you feel the looming end in a way never before read.

Unlike the dying gasp of a character, you see this person regress into only experiencing sights an aromas, to the final conclusion of a non-existence. The story's characters also portray differing glimpses on the generations as they come into Benjamin's life in their youth only to age cynically. Unfortunately, I saw a preview of the film and it appears to be a total departure from the story as they attempt to fit it into our world. One of the things the story doesn't even mention is how it is physically possible to birth an elderly man. The movie bridges that gap. The story also focuses on how a father deals with this situation as it is most awkward for the man, but it looks like the movie really centers on the female relationships. I still plan on watching it.

McCain - Obama Debate Reaction: Questions Screened to Benefit Obama

I sat through another debate. At the 9:00 hour, I really wanted to watch "The Office" rerun on TBS, but I hung tough. I believe McCain, after warming up, clearly won the debate. I thought it showed when Obama twice, once unsuccessfully, leapt out of his chair to try to respond to McCain even though the rules wouldn't allow it. Brokaw finally conceded, I mean how can you deny Obama. I think it showed just how full of himself Obama is.

McCain missed many opportunities to zing Obama. At one point, if I were McCain, I would have asked Obama, "What problem exists in the world that you don't think government is answer for." This one question would have put Obama on his heels as he would try to stumble for an answer he doesn't believe in.

The debate was pretty much a repeat of the first one. There was nothing new covered. I was listening to the fox post debate commentary and I realized what is really missing that would help many of the undecided. By this point, you have a good grasp of where each candidate stands on the economy, energy, and foreign policy, but what you have no clue about is on values. We haven't heard a single question dealing with values such as gun ownership, abortion, or illegal immigration.

Values discussions are important discussions that I feel are purposefully being left off the debate table because they hurt Obama. I want to hear Obama defend his belief in partial birth abortion. I want to hear him speak on gun ownership and how bitter people cling to their guns. Asking the same three basic questions works for Obama because no matter what is asked, he just has to repeat the same crap he has been saying during the campaign. I want to see these candidates challenged. I hope he final debate will dive into such topics, but I fear they are so in Obama's camp, they can no longer even appear to be objective.
I am now listening to Rush Limbaugh and he is now echoing my sentiments and also believes the questions were screened to benefit Obama.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

New Christmas Tradition: Daytime Christmas Lights

I was running this morning well before sunrise. I ran past a house that had Halloween Lights lit. Being frugal and not an environmentalist, I thought that must be quite a consumption of energy. And then I thought that if I had that thought, I'm quite surprised some environmentalist hasn't thought about banning Christmas lights. Think about how these lights must prey on them in many ways, including the religious connections. All you do is hang lights from your house and bushes, turn on the lights, and then go inside. They serve no purpose except in the hope that some other person finds your display appealing. Now you add on animatronic displays and those inflatable Snowmen, and the electric meter is spinning round and round. Unlike what you see on National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, there is no emergency nuclear power. It's just more coal in the furnace.

So, first of all, Christmas lights serve no practical purpose. Secondly, vital resources are stripped as the power needs increase, which leads to increased pollution. Third, who doesn't like to pack the family into the car and drive around and look at the lights. Bumper to bumper cars pour out CO2 as they wait in line to see that special display. Fourth, think of all the gasoline that is used in looking at these Christmas lights. Finally, isn't it just light pollution in the end.

I propose a new tradition, leave the lights unplugged. They can look really nice in the day time as the overcast sun shines down on them. And instead of putting out your inflatables, just put out the box so that people can see what it would look like inflated. Your neighbors still get to know that you spent a lot of money, and isn't that what it is really about.

This year I'm dreaming of a green Christmas, won't you dream with me too.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Stocks Plummet On News of Obama Lead in Polls

Stocks today dropped below the 10,000 point for the first time since 2004 as recent polls show Barrak Obama leading in several battle ground states. Now, I don't know if that is true or not, but why not. Every day I have to hear newsies speculate as to why stocks rise and fall. Here are a few of the reasons:

Rose and fell because Oil inventories dropped

Rose and fell because of the falling value of the dollar

Rose and fell because of an unexpected increase in jobless claims

Rose and fell because of an unexpected decrease in jobless claims


The list goes on and on. Stocks fell because the bailout plan didn't pass, but they then rebounded the next day for the same reason. I might make this a recurring theme on my blog, why stocks do what they do because of some headline. If stocks close out higher today, I think I will say it is due to the OJ Simpson verdict.
Since posting this, apparently I am more right than wrong on this one. Listening to Sean Hannity, his opening monologue consists of speculatin that Wall Street is dipping because they are thinking that Obama will win the Presidency and they are starting to get worried.

Campaigns New Tone: Palin goes after Obama's connection to William Ayers and Rev. Wright

Well, with 4 weeks to go into the election, a desperate John McCain has finally decided to point out that Barrak Obama, by way of association, may not have the best choice in friends. I saw a woman on one of the Sunday shows, I can't remember her name, but she is a regular pundit, and her little clip was consisted of her with squinted eyes and a little maternal smile chastising McCain by saying is this the tone McCain is going to take. All of us knew that when McCain would actually start to point out some real character flaws in Obama, he would be raked over the coals as attacking. I even heard Obama say over the weekend that McCain was resorting to "smears" instead of the issues. Double speak Obama didn't mention that he was himself running adds talking about McCain's part in the infamous Keating five. If McCain had taken this approach earlier, he would have had time to counter the media rebuke, but now I fear it is too little too late.

I very strongly believe that Obama's associations are very crucial. Obama has no experience at anything real. He will rely more heavily than any other President on the counsel given to him by his advisers. Obama's association with William Ayers, a domestic terrorist, and Rev. William Wright, an American hating black racist, call into question his judgement. Why would Obama start his political career off in the living room of Ayers if they didn't share similar interests. Why would Obama sit in a hate speech filled church for 20 years and claim he had no idea how radical Rev. Wright was, though he admits that wright was a mentor of his.

Obama and the media will call it dirty politics, a hateful tone, or maybe even racism, but why should this country follow this man so blindly on the promise of change. (photo is a mugshot of Bill Ayers from
As I read the news this morning, I came across an AP report from Douglass Daniel who basically solidified my point when he wrote:
"And though she may have scored a political hit each time, her attack was unsubstantiated and carried a racially tinged subtext that John McCain himself may come to regret."
By media standards, criticism of Obama equals "racially tinged subtext". This shows why McCain is being such a coward. The worst label to have is that of a racist.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Video Lays Out Cause of Economic Crisis

I don't have much to say except that the thoroughness of the research is pretty good at tracing the mortgage crisis back to its origins. Please view this video and see if you still want Obama change or NObama in 08.

House Passes Bailout Plan: What a difference a week makes

The initial offering by Congress for the supposedly crisis ending bailout plan was defeated; following which, the stock market plunged, followed by a rebound the next day. I felt that for once, Congress was listening and doing things right, despite the media pressure. Now this week, the Senate passes a virtually duplicate plan, but this time laced with ornaments that are to appeal to those that voted against the bill. Now, one week later, many Congressman that were against the initial plan are now for it. The only difference is that it was made to look like something they are used to, full of programs unrelated to the actual bill, and it was made to be 450 confusing pages long.

I think this vote also works on a second level. There were 90 Democrats that voted against the initial bill. Most of these Democrats, along with Republicans, are located in tight Congressional races, so their vote was important. I think that all of this wrangling is just show. These people wanted to be able to say they voted against the bill because it wasn’t good enough, but now that it has been improved, they are now ready to vote for it. Best of both world’s for them. Reports, however, say the bill is virtually the same. They treat us like sheeople because we act like sheeople. I haven’t read Animal Farm since the ninth grade, but I remember enough of it to think that we are entering the days of “Napoleon the Pig”, only in this version, his name is Obama. Remember, some animals are more equal than others.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Vice Presidentail Debate Recap. Sarah Palin Vs Joe Biden

The winner is Sarah Palin, not just based on meeting expectations, but exceeding the perceived expectations. Unfortunately, Sarah did best during the second half of the debate when she felt more comfortable. She was comfortable and informed and refreshing. As I talk to people, I think that what resonated the most is the contrast between Sarah Palin and these career politicians. I have been watching the debates for 20 years now, and virtually every candidate looks and sounds the same. Sarah spoke like a normal person, with normal mannerism, normal expressions, and normal answers. I hope McCain takes some notes from her in his next debate. A friend of mine very much believes Palin is a true conservative. I believe that and saw that she often had to hold her tongue in order to support McCain. I would rather watch Palin debate Obama. She run rings around Barak Uh uh uh Obama. Below are my running notes from the debate. Maybe I will clean it up later.

Biden opened by blaming everything on George Bush and then laying out Obama's criteria for the plan, framing him to be the leader of the bailout.
Palin - coming out as a soccer mom saying that there is fear on the sidelines of soccer games. Saying the federal government needs reform citing McCain as calling for freddie mac reform and blaming his fellows (without naming Obama) At this point, no attack.
Biden is now citing Clinton era accomplishments. He is jumping off question to just attack, saying mcCain said the fundementals are good. Putting Palin on the defense and steering the course of the debate.
Palin said McCain was talking about the american worker and criticizing Obama for voting with his party 97% of the time, meaning they don't work across party lines. Palin has now said Maverick several times.
To Palin- what caused the mortgage crisis. Answer is predatory lending, that we are victims. We need to be responsible and more regulations.
Biden came out saying that McCain is part of the problem and Obama sounded the alarm. Attack, Attack, Attack. Now he is saying deregulation caused it, the kind that McCain is advocating.
Palin is now painting them as supporting tax increases. Government needs to cut and more tax relief. Obama would raise taxes on people making 42K.
Biden, says that McCain voted for tax incease 477 times. And that Palin can't defend deregulation.
Palin was in the middle of defending McCain and citing her record on cuttng taxes and Gwen Ifill cut her off mid sentence.
Biden is saying that people making less than 200k will not see a tax increase. People making less than 150k will get a tax increase.
Palin is saying that Biden's plan is for economic redistribution and that their plan will target small businesses. And that Biden's comment in saying paying more taxes is patriotic is crazy.
Palin is saying that Government sponsored healthcare is not smart because the government is not doing things too well.
Biden is saying that because of the economic issue, they won 't double foreign spending and then they won't pass a bunch of "McCain tax cuts", but health care will still be on the table.
Palin - is saying that OBama voted for the very plan that gave oil companies big tax breaks, and that she took on the oil companies and wouldn't give them tax breaks. Palin said McCain hadn't made any promises he can't keep despite the economy.
Biden is saying that Obama wants to do the same kind of plan as palin by doing a windfall profit tax.
Palin is dodging the question of being in favor of changing bankruptcy rules by talking about reform.
Biden also voted for it as well, which is contrary to Obama, who was against it.
Palin is now advocating more energy and framing Obama as being against it.
Ifill is asking for myths of global warming from palin. Palin is saying it is a combination of both. She said she isn't going to talk about the causes, just the solutions, which is very odd form. If you don't acknowledge the cause, how can you treat the alleged problem.
Biden is saying that climate change is absolutely man made, which is idiotic. Apparently nothing has ever changed in the history of the world.
Palin is saying that people do want to drill, and Alaska has lots of resources. She is citing that Biden and Obama called drilling to be raping the surface of the earth.
Biden says he is for same sex benefits and that there should be no legal difference and that the constitution calls for it.
Palin is not in favor of expanding benefits if it means redefining marraige.
Palin is now throwing Biden's words critical of Obama for voting against the surge.
Biden is saying that McCain has no plan and that McCain voted against funding because it had a timeline. Obama believes in a timeline. Biden " We will end this war, for McCain there is no end in sight"
Palin "your plan is white flag of surrender" and Obama can't even acknowledge the surges success. "You would be honored to run on McCain's ticket" "Biden said Obama is not ready to be commander in chief".
Question, which country is worst
Biden: Pakistan and Iran, he doesn't say where Obama stands on these things but instead criticizes McCain. afghanistan and pakistan is where the next attack will be planned.
Palin said Patreus says that Iraq is the frontline in the war on terror. you can't deal with a man, in Iran that thinks Isreal is a stink corpse. Obama would deal with all these crazy leaders without precondition.
Biden says that is not true.
They are now talking about foreign policy. There is nothing big here. McCain is for strength, Obama is for tea with the enemy.
Biden is saying that McCain is just a continuation of Bush.
I think I heard Palin say New cle air, like Bush, instead of Nuclear (New clear)
Biden says that the commanding general in afghanistan said the surge wouldn't work there. Palin said that isn't what he said, so I don't think Obama has a real strategy.
Palin had the best line yet when she said that she is an outsider because she can see Biden doing the for it and then being against it routine with about Iraq. People just want straight talk she says.
Biden is trying to say that he didn't support McCain's plans, but Palin isn't backing down and that Biden is just changing his tune now. McCain knows how to win a war.

The question posed now is how would the VPs differ from their running mates. Biden is just going into talking points. Palin is saying they would disagree on anwar drilling, but now she is going on about her talking points.

Palin just dinged Biden on living in the past.

Senate Passes Bailout - Senate Suffers from Prader-Willi

For any person that thinks that the government is the solution for the economic crisis, you need only to look at the Senate Bailout plan. When all eyes are turned to the Senate to see what they come up with, they just couldn't keep their hands out of the earmark cookie jar. Millions of dollars are set aside for Alaska Fisherman, Auto racing, and wooden arrows, clearly the key to financial recovery.

I once saw a news story on a very sad chromosomal disorder called Prader-Willi syndrome. Among the more difficult symptoms is the un-ending sense of hunger. These children must be restrained and prevented from feeding their hunger. No discipline will work in preventing them from pursuing food. They can't help it. On the story, the saddest part was watching a young adolescent girl scream and panic while the bars on her porch prevented her from running to the ice cream man.

Our Senators have the same inability to restrain themselves when it comes to earmarks. These clowns just had slip them in. Shame on the Senators that slipped these into the bill. Act like you have some self-control and take this situation seriously. I can't think that they have any competence if they equate a bailout with the funding of wooden arrows. Remember their names, both Republicrat and Demican when November rolls around. We need to restrain the government, not the economy.

For those that enjoy my take on current events or for those that won't be able to watch, I plan on reviewing the debate this evening and offering my commentary. I promise it will be as impartial as Gwen Ifill.

Dave Ramsey Bailout Plan is almost there.

Key point from Mr. Common Sense & No Debt is creating insurance for the truly risky mortgages, costing around 50 billion dollars, the same amount of money that was sent to Africa last month. The other key point is around the elimination of the capital gains tax. Allow those that have capital in the private sector to invest and pump billions of dollars into companies without penalty rather than the government just printing money. The key here is that investors get to choose which ventures are worthy and which are not as opposed to government hacks that will play favorites, as Henry Paulson does with Goldman Sachs. These two points, along with some accounting changes will help to end the current crisis. But why end there. Lets take care of the problems that got us here, like bad government direction and out of control spending. Here are my amendments to Dave Ramsey's plan.

1. Eliminate the IRS by instituting a National Sales Tax.

2. Eliminate Minimum Wage.

3. Energy policy: Drill, Drill, Drill, Nuclear, wind, solar.

4. Close the borders and deport Illegal immigrants, then create a guest worker program.

5. Eliminate all education and health benefits for Illegal immigrants.

6. Privatize Social Security.

8. Freeze government spending. If you need new, you have to cut.

9. Annul the Amendment allowing for an income tax.

10. Ban abortion.

11. Eliminate the IRS, Department of Education, HUD....
12. Pass an amendment allowing for the line item veto.
13. Eliminate earmarks
These are a few of my ideas. Please feel free to add your own in the comments section

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Media Fix Is In for the Vice Presidential Debate

Election after election I have to watch Republicans subject themselves to the biased and slanted questions of debate moderators that clearly have a slant toward the democrat nominee. For the most part, the moderator tries to keep it a secret while the rest of us know with a wink where they stand. This Thursday, however, the cloak is off and the bias will be known for the Vice Presidential debate. According to Fox News, one of the moderators, Gwen Ifill, has written a book about black politicians, including Barak Obama, and how they are "forging a bold new path to political power." By this statement, this woman is indicating that she is invested in Obama's success. This is just out of control. It is like a soviet era mock trial.

Netflix Instant View expands library through deal with Starz

If you could see me and picture me as a Peanuts character, you would see me doing the happy dance. My blood pressure skyrockets every time I look at the new releases section of Netflix and only see movies like Species 3 and the toxic avenger and all kinds of foreign erotic movies. Why don't I cancel you say? Well, I have been holding out for this deal and more like it to come. There are actual movies that are less than 2 years old available, movies like last year's Oscar winner, No Country for Old Men. I'm excited because now that winter is upon us, I will be forced to run inside, and now I will have some more selection in the things I can watch. Hooray.