Thursday, October 2, 2008

Dave Ramsey Bailout Plan is almost there.

Key point from Mr. Common Sense & No Debt is creating insurance for the truly risky mortgages, costing around 50 billion dollars, the same amount of money that was sent to Africa last month. The other key point is around the elimination of the capital gains tax. Allow those that have capital in the private sector to invest and pump billions of dollars into companies without penalty rather than the government just printing money. The key here is that investors get to choose which ventures are worthy and which are not as opposed to government hacks that will play favorites, as Henry Paulson does with Goldman Sachs. These two points, along with some accounting changes will help to end the current crisis. But why end there. Lets take care of the problems that got us here, like bad government direction and out of control spending. Here are my amendments to Dave Ramsey's plan.

1. Eliminate the IRS by instituting a National Sales Tax.

2. Eliminate Minimum Wage.

3. Energy policy: Drill, Drill, Drill, Nuclear, wind, solar.

4. Close the borders and deport Illegal immigrants, then create a guest worker program.

5. Eliminate all education and health benefits for Illegal immigrants.

6. Privatize Social Security.

8. Freeze government spending. If you need new, you have to cut.

9. Annul the Amendment allowing for an income tax.

10. Ban abortion.

11. Eliminate the IRS, Department of Education, HUD....
12. Pass an amendment allowing for the line item veto.
13. Eliminate earmarks
These are a few of my ideas. Please feel free to add your own in the comments section


thejotus said...

I noticed you threw in "ban abortion." To play devil's advocate, how does that help out our energy problems?

jrchaard said...

Abortion is death policy. I hate it. That aside, I put the economics of abortion in here. Economically, our population has been decimated of perfectly good workers and contributors. Why is illegal immigration so attractive, why is social security facing insolvency. We need to have a population of the future to meet our employment needs and to increase our tax base so that we have enough workers to pay for all this crap. Illegal immigration in the US and in Europe can be tied to decreasing birth rates. When you kill a million babies a year, it hurts the pay rolls.

Kansas Bob said...

Gotta wonder if government will ever 'eliminate' anything. Read this today:

Once government gets involved in something, it seldom, if ever gets uninvolved.

I agree that with you about government elimination but am not too optimistic that it will EVER happen :(