Friday, October 3, 2008

House Passes Bailout Plan: What a difference a week makes

The initial offering by Congress for the supposedly crisis ending bailout plan was defeated; following which, the stock market plunged, followed by a rebound the next day. I felt that for once, Congress was listening and doing things right, despite the media pressure. Now this week, the Senate passes a virtually duplicate plan, but this time laced with ornaments that are to appeal to those that voted against the bill. Now, one week later, many Congressman that were against the initial plan are now for it. The only difference is that it was made to look like something they are used to, full of programs unrelated to the actual bill, and it was made to be 450 confusing pages long.

I think this vote also works on a second level. There were 90 Democrats that voted against the initial bill. Most of these Democrats, along with Republicans, are located in tight Congressional races, so their vote was important. I think that all of this wrangling is just show. These people wanted to be able to say they voted against the bill because it wasn’t good enough, but now that it has been improved, they are now ready to vote for it. Best of both world’s for them. Reports, however, say the bill is virtually the same. They treat us like sheeople because we act like sheeople. I haven’t read Animal Farm since the ninth grade, but I remember enough of it to think that we are entering the days of “Napoleon the Pig”, only in this version, his name is Obama. Remember, some animals are more equal than others.

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