Thursday, October 16, 2008

Joe the Plumber: ABC Interview with Dianne Sawyer

Joe the Plumber is more than just a punch line for the campaign. In last night's debate, his name was mentioned some 24 times according to ABC. It all centered around Obama's comment to this man earlier in the week where he told Joe that those making more than 250k need to have their wealth spread. This is the clearest sign that Obama is a Socialist.

Now, normally when you get a regular Joe the plumber type thrown into the campaign, you end up with some dude that can barely get out a sentence. This morning, however, I was pleasantly surprised as I watched Joe hand Dianne Sawyer her breakfast. She established in the interview first that he does not make even close to 250k, despite his defense of the rich. Dianne then asked him what about taxing people more that make 1 million or 5 million. Joe didn't blink. He asked Dianne how it is fair to tax people more just because they are successful, it is the American Dream and it sounds socialist to do so. He said someday Barry could think that 150k is pretty good money and decide to tax that too, "It's a slippery slope."

When Joe the Plumber ran the country, people voted on principle. I think that too many people are allowed to vote and have therefore diluted the voting block with a bunch of gimmees. It was also refreshing to see an articulate conservative show the difference between himself and the Obamites that just fawn over his looks.

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Kansas Bob said...

I am convinced that these tax cuts are just pandering for votes Scott.

How do we think that our nation will be able to balance our budget and pay down our national debt if taxes continue to be cut?

The increases coming in Medicare costs alone will have dire consequences on our nation unless we somehow return to responsible and biblical fiscal accountability.

I guess it is okay to continue to drink the hedonistic and materialistic koolaid that BOTH candidates are offering.. I just think that it is unbiblical.

If your family's wages were cut I think that you would make spending cuts.. it is sometimes difficult.. but it is always moral.