Wednesday, October 8, 2008

McCain - Obama Debate Reaction: Questions Screened to Benefit Obama

I sat through another debate. At the 9:00 hour, I really wanted to watch "The Office" rerun on TBS, but I hung tough. I believe McCain, after warming up, clearly won the debate. I thought it showed when Obama twice, once unsuccessfully, leapt out of his chair to try to respond to McCain even though the rules wouldn't allow it. Brokaw finally conceded, I mean how can you deny Obama. I think it showed just how full of himself Obama is.

McCain missed many opportunities to zing Obama. At one point, if I were McCain, I would have asked Obama, "What problem exists in the world that you don't think government is answer for." This one question would have put Obama on his heels as he would try to stumble for an answer he doesn't believe in.

The debate was pretty much a repeat of the first one. There was nothing new covered. I was listening to the fox post debate commentary and I realized what is really missing that would help many of the undecided. By this point, you have a good grasp of where each candidate stands on the economy, energy, and foreign policy, but what you have no clue about is on values. We haven't heard a single question dealing with values such as gun ownership, abortion, or illegal immigration.

Values discussions are important discussions that I feel are purposefully being left off the debate table because they hurt Obama. I want to hear Obama defend his belief in partial birth abortion. I want to hear him speak on gun ownership and how bitter people cling to their guns. Asking the same three basic questions works for Obama because no matter what is asked, he just has to repeat the same crap he has been saying during the campaign. I want to see these candidates challenged. I hope he final debate will dive into such topics, but I fear they are so in Obama's camp, they can no longer even appear to be objective.
I am now listening to Rush Limbaugh and he is now echoing my sentiments and also believes the questions were screened to benefit Obama.


thejotus said...

Another thing I have noticed--in stark contrast to 2004 and even 2000--is the lack of coverage on where they stand on faith. I think it is important for people to know that Obama spent a little more than half of his life around the muslim faith. People should here how he allegedly came to change.

And don't give me that bull on how it was brought up in the primaries. Uneducated, uninformed "undecided" people do not pay attention to the primaries. Now is when they pay attention.

By the way, I guess my email is going to your spam folder?

jrchaard said...

I don't think you want them to go down that path because McCain is not necessarily a man of faith himself.

Kansas Bob said...

You should have switched The Office on Scott.. might have got you a bit more encouraged.

Good to know that you are at one with El Rushbo :)