Thursday, October 23, 2008

McCain Versus Obama: Baseball Comparison

I'll keep this one simple. Baseball has teams with virtually unlimited budgets, like the Yankees and the Red Sox. Then there are small market teams like the Royal's or Twins or Devil Rays. Obama is like the Yankees. The Yankees have a ton of fans all over and always draw sell outs. To the small market cities, they are despised and viewed as the elitist of baseball. It is almost like the team is removed from the rest of America. McCain is more like a small market team. The small market team only has a fraction of the payroll that the Yankees do, yet their goal is the same, to win the world series. They have to rely on raw talent and minor league development. They usually don't have the largest attendance and struggle against the Yankees. When it comes to press coverage, the Yankees get video highlights, small markets get their scores flashed. Every now and again, the Yankees fall on their face despite their payroll, like they did this year. And every now and again, the small market team makes it to the world series despite the odds, like the Devil Rays did this year. I have a feeling that McCain may fair the same as Tampa Bay, while Obama with his big budget goes down in flames.

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