Tuesday, October 7, 2008

New Christmas Tradition: Daytime Christmas Lights

I was running this morning well before sunrise. I ran past a house that had Halloween Lights lit. Being frugal and not an environmentalist, I thought that must be quite a consumption of energy. And then I thought that if I had that thought, I'm quite surprised some environmentalist hasn't thought about banning Christmas lights. Think about how these lights must prey on them in many ways, including the religious connections. All you do is hang lights from your house and bushes, turn on the lights, and then go inside. They serve no purpose except in the hope that some other person finds your display appealing. Now you add on animatronic displays and those inflatable Snowmen, and the electric meter is spinning round and round. Unlike what you see on National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, there is no emergency nuclear power. It's just more coal in the furnace.

So, first of all, Christmas lights serve no practical purpose. Secondly, vital resources are stripped as the power needs increase, which leads to increased pollution. Third, who doesn't like to pack the family into the car and drive around and look at the lights. Bumper to bumper cars pour out CO2 as they wait in line to see that special display. Fourth, think of all the gasoline that is used in looking at these Christmas lights. Finally, isn't it just light pollution in the end.

I propose a new tradition, leave the lights unplugged. They can look really nice in the day time as the overcast sun shines down on them. And instead of putting out your inflatables, just put out the box so that people can see what it would look like inflated. Your neighbors still get to know that you spent a lot of money, and isn't that what it is really about.

This year I'm dreaming of a green Christmas, won't you dream with me too.


Kansas Bob said...

I see where you are going Mr Grinch.. maybe we should also stay home and not visit relatives on holidays.. that would save gas.. or stay home on Sunday mornings.. save gas and electricity for the church :)

Or maybe put a timer on the lights that go out at midnight (or sooner) and maybe use less strands of lights.. I hate it when the moderate comes out in me.. lol.

jrchaard said...

I think we should even go a step further and have a virtual display. We could go into one of the many virtual worlds, create an avatar, and then decorate a virtual home. Then we could post as sign saying, "Visit my virtual home display at www.dfadfdaf.com"