Monday, October 13, 2008

New Poll finds Obama Leading McCain By Widest Margin Ever

A new poll conducted over the weekend found that Barrak Obama's lead over McCain has now widened to 50 points. The poll of likely voters found that 75% favored Obama, while just 25% favored McCain, with the margin of error being 100%. The poll was conducted using the scientific method of driving down one street in my neighborhood and counting the signs for either candidate. If you have a sign up, you are likely to vote in my book. Out of the 4 houses that displayed signs on the one street, 3 of them went for Obama and 1 went for McCain. A fifth house displayed a Bob Barr sign, but this pollster didn't feel the need to include that sign in mix.

Other internals to this poll include the fact that this neighborhood lies in a demographic that is both heavily African American and has elected a Democrat congressmen every election since slavery was legal, but none of that should affect the results of the poll. Voters should take from this poll the inevitability of an Obama Presidency and just save the gas money from voting for their favorite candidate, Barrak Obama, on election day Tuesday November 11, 2008. Again, that's Tuesday November 11, 2008.


Kansas Bob said...

"the margin of error being 100%"

..sounds like you are feeling better Scott :)

jrchaard said...

That would be an affirmative, but not 100%