Monday, October 27, 2008

Public Radio Interview Confirms Obama is a Socialist

Every day now, we get some sort of peek into Barrak's true nature. I feel it may be too little too late. If anyone ever wanted to make a comparison between McCain and Obama, think about the Joe the Plumber comment. An isolated slip of the tongue, not according to a recently released radio interview with Barrak Obama in 2001. The summary of his comments consists of his disappointment that the Civil Rights movement did not include economic redistribution. Couple this with questions around his citizenship and the story that the L.A. Times has video of Obama at gathering with Rashid Khalidi in which he toasts the organizers, while they go on to make anti-Israel statements. Yet in the media, crickets. This is a crime. I do agree that many politicians are much the same regardless of party, but McCain does not associate with extremist after extremist, and he is no affirmed Socialist. How man extremists does Obama have to be tied to before the electorate sees a pattern? What if McCain had a string of associations with KKK members. While he wouldn't be directly involved, the mere proximity would cause a stir. Again, are you being intellectually honest in your vote.


Anonymous said...

Who is the uneducated person writing this crap? Go to if you want to know the truth about the candidates. Dont read B.S. like this.

jrchaard said...

I use the fact check that God gave me, my ears. Half of this post comes straight out of Obama's mouth from the interview I listened to. You can rely on I'll rely on the constitution and common sense.