Friday, October 24, 2008

Phillip Berg Questions Obama Citizenship on Michael Savage

I have heard this story previously and feel it is worthy of mentioning. I know it sounds a bit conspiratorial, but the fact that the media has not looked into Obama's past at all and the source of the source of the story give it credibility. Last night, I listened to Savage interview Mr. Berg. To give some background, Phillip Berg is a life long democrat, the former deputy Attorney General of Pennsylvania, and due paying member of the NAACP. Mr. Berg's assertion is that Barrak Obama is not a citizen. First, the birth certificate published on Obama's site is incomplete and appears to be a forger. Barrak Obama refuses to release his birth certificate and Phillip Berg is suing for its release.

Second, Phillip Berg now says that he has a recording of Obama's paternal grandmother in which she states that she witnessed his birth in 1961, in Kenya. Either Obama is lying or his grandmother is. Thirdly, Obama will not release his college records. Mr. Berg believes that those records will show that Obama is not a citizen and received foreign aid to attend college. If true, Obama is constitutionally disqualified from being President.

Now, before you claim that I am seeing black helicopters, remember in the 2004 election when Bush's guard service was in question. The media went to great lengths based solely on the claim of a relative of a person that supervised Bush. Dan Rather went so far as to use a forged document to try to make the claim. If the media is willing to look into claims like this, why wouldn't they listen to a Democrat AG that merely wants to see a birth certificate. Be intellectually honest with yourself before you think to criticize. Why look into the guard issue and not a citizenship issue.


Anonymous said...

If it is even remotely possible that Obama is not a natural born citizen of the United States this election must be put on hold until the situation is cleared up. Subpoena his college records; go to Kenya, what ever it takes to stop this scam on the American people. I also heard the interview with Mr. Berg last night who stated there is no Government agency charged with investigating matters such as these. What about INS, would they not have the resources and the know how to clear up this matter once and for all?

jrchaard said...

Again, the severity of the charges demand an investigation. And what adds to the conspiracy is Obama's non cooperation. Maybe this is how hillary gets on the ticket.

Anonymous said...

Berg's case was just thrown out of court and dismissed.

jrchaard said...

The case was not thrown out based on merit, but because some judge decided that a citizen somehow didn't have standing to sue.

Anonymous said...

You guys actually belive this conspiricy crap! Are you kidding!?!?! You are all paranoid idiots. Obama is going to be a great president. I am looking forward to it. Do some reasearch all over. Don't get it from one source and before you judge one candidate look at both of them with scrutiny. Especially before you go posting things that are not true.

Anonymous said...

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