Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Scientist cure "Blank" in Mice

As an avid reader of the news, I come across two things quite often in the scientific and health sections. Some sort of climate change and some sort of new treatment for a disease that cured a mouse. I have already written about climate change, so this time I am focusing on the mouse. For every conceivable ailment, mice have been the starting point for coming up with new treatments. For everything from obesity, MS, and heart disease to every single form of cancer. Today I was reading about a vaccine that cured a form of breast cancer in mice and it got me thinking. If we have developed all of these successful treatments for mice, shouldn't there be some super smart and super healthy mouse out there. With all of these treatments, why would mice ever die. Remember The Secret of Nimh. I have to believe there is some truth to that movie.

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