Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Requiem for a Dream Fortells Future

I think there are many movies that depict the future with varying degrees of accuracy. Gattaca I always felt did the best job in that technological advancements were underplayed while DNA profiling dominated every aspect of life. Recently I watched a movie called Requiem for a Dream. This movies shows how 4 lives succumb to heroin and speed addiction. I specifically enjoyed the mother's story. She was a normal woman that wanted to be on TV. When she got a phone call saying that she might be selected for a game show, she was on cloud nine. Of course she wanted to fit into that old red dress that brought back memories of better days, but she was too big to fit into it. She tried a diet, but ended up taking diet pills at a friends' suggestion. The diet pills are speed of course and she was a blur of activity. She didn't realize how wonderful they made her feel until her body got used to the dosage and life returned to normal.

Having adjusted to the dosage, the woman decided that she liked the way they made her feel more than what her goal was. She started mixing pills together and then the hallucinations started to kick in. Eventually, her journey to quick fame led to her being hospitalized and shocked into reality. She is a shell of a woman that is now confined to a mental hospital.

This is our same journey as a nation. These bailouts and stimulus packages are as appealing as speed is to a dieter. We passed one, and then that wasn't enough, so we do more and more. Then we hallucinate as a nation thinking that there are no consequences and no end to the money we can print. We are even becoming crazy enough to vote for Obama, because he can give us more speed. Obama appeals to the addict this nation has become. In the end, I fear we will also become destitute and need shock therapy to wake us up. Only it will likely be our kids that have to go through the treatment for our addiction.


Kansas Bob said...

I think that McCain has had plenty of opportunities to show us that he is a conservative.. unfortunately he can't because he has never really been one.. he is a moderate.

These bailouts seem to be the (il)logical extensions to the past 7+ years where we have been spending like a bunch of wild-eyed liberals.

In this regard I see no real difference between McCain and Obama.. they are both spendaholics.

thejotus said...

Perhaps Kansas Bob. But one is definitely not a supporter of terrorists.

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