Thursday, October 2, 2008

Senate Passes Bailout - Senate Suffers from Prader-Willi

For any person that thinks that the government is the solution for the economic crisis, you need only to look at the Senate Bailout plan. When all eyes are turned to the Senate to see what they come up with, they just couldn't keep their hands out of the earmark cookie jar. Millions of dollars are set aside for Alaska Fisherman, Auto racing, and wooden arrows, clearly the key to financial recovery.

I once saw a news story on a very sad chromosomal disorder called Prader-Willi syndrome. Among the more difficult symptoms is the un-ending sense of hunger. These children must be restrained and prevented from feeding their hunger. No discipline will work in preventing them from pursuing food. They can't help it. On the story, the saddest part was watching a young adolescent girl scream and panic while the bars on her porch prevented her from running to the ice cream man.

Our Senators have the same inability to restrain themselves when it comes to earmarks. These clowns just had slip them in. Shame on the Senators that slipped these into the bill. Act like you have some self-control and take this situation seriously. I can't think that they have any competence if they equate a bailout with the funding of wooden arrows. Remember their names, both Republicrat and Demican when November rolls around. We need to restrain the government, not the economy.

For those that enjoy my take on current events or for those that won't be able to watch, I plan on reviewing the debate this evening and offering my commentary. I promise it will be as impartial as Gwen Ifill.

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