Friday, October 17, 2008

SNL Provides Free Advertising For Obama.

I may be one of the few people left, especially conservative, that enjoys Saturday Night Live, at least some of it. I enjoy good political satire, even at the expense of conservatives. I especially enjoy their treatment of Sarah Palin. Typically, they try to present a somewhat balanced portrayal, if not a slight liberal lean. However, I have noticed now over the past couple of shows, especially after last night's show, that they have thrown it in 100% for Obama. I even turned to my wife to make that comment and she agreed.

I don't doubt that everyone on SNL are all Obama supporters already, but they threw mud on his face too, because it is fun. Last night's parody of the 3rd debate in now way attempted to satire Obama. Obama was just the stoic character to SNL's charicature of McCain slipping away from reality. It was funny for a while, but without the balance, it really got old and I started to lose appreciation for the satire and began to look at it as pure Obama pumping. Their evening update portion wasn't any better. I like good satire and they are fully capable of doing it, but I'm not interested in watching Republican smear.

In the fall, SNL made big headlines as they pointed out the very obvious media adoration of Obama over Hillary Clinton. That skit was very instrumental in turning the election Hillary's way, though it came to late. Now the show has become what it once made fun of. I wonder if a post election coverage analysis will be done after the election to show just how much "free" advertising Obama received through soft news coverage and shows like SNL.

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Kansas Bob said...

I'm with you Scott.. I think that the McCain and Palin parodies have gone over line. Palin may get a bit of payback when she is on the show tonight?