Monday, October 20, 2008

Three is the Magic Number for Obama

Three is the magic number this weekend for the media to throw up all over themselves to say that Obama has it in the bag. First, Obama raised 150 million dollars. That is enough for him to spend 10 million dollars a day for the rest of the campaign. When you factor in the free media he gets, the advantage is unbelievable. Of course, we must not forget that he broke a campaign promise when he decided not to accept public funding.

Second, Obama had a rally of around 100k people in St. Louis. Let's not forget that St. Louis is right around the corner from his sweet home Chicago. I never hear a thing about the rally sizes for McCain or Palin. Third, Obama received an endorsement from one of the most famous RINO's (Republican In Name Only) Colin Powell. The way this endorsement has been covered you would think that this non-entity in the election is the single vote in the electoral college.

Keep hope alive. It is the electoral college that decides the election, not the popular vote. Obama may very well win by wide margins in the liberal coasts, but we shall see how he plays in the "battleground" states. When you go to vote, just remember "spread the wealth".

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