Thursday, October 2, 2008

Vice Presidentail Debate Recap. Sarah Palin Vs Joe Biden

The winner is Sarah Palin, not just based on meeting expectations, but exceeding the perceived expectations. Unfortunately, Sarah did best during the second half of the debate when she felt more comfortable. She was comfortable and informed and refreshing. As I talk to people, I think that what resonated the most is the contrast between Sarah Palin and these career politicians. I have been watching the debates for 20 years now, and virtually every candidate looks and sounds the same. Sarah spoke like a normal person, with normal mannerism, normal expressions, and normal answers. I hope McCain takes some notes from her in his next debate. A friend of mine very much believes Palin is a true conservative. I believe that and saw that she often had to hold her tongue in order to support McCain. I would rather watch Palin debate Obama. She run rings around Barak Uh uh uh Obama. Below are my running notes from the debate. Maybe I will clean it up later.

Biden opened by blaming everything on George Bush and then laying out Obama's criteria for the plan, framing him to be the leader of the bailout.
Palin - coming out as a soccer mom saying that there is fear on the sidelines of soccer games. Saying the federal government needs reform citing McCain as calling for freddie mac reform and blaming his fellows (without naming Obama) At this point, no attack.
Biden is now citing Clinton era accomplishments. He is jumping off question to just attack, saying mcCain said the fundementals are good. Putting Palin on the defense and steering the course of the debate.
Palin said McCain was talking about the american worker and criticizing Obama for voting with his party 97% of the time, meaning they don't work across party lines. Palin has now said Maverick several times.
To Palin- what caused the mortgage crisis. Answer is predatory lending, that we are victims. We need to be responsible and more regulations.
Biden came out saying that McCain is part of the problem and Obama sounded the alarm. Attack, Attack, Attack. Now he is saying deregulation caused it, the kind that McCain is advocating.
Palin is now painting them as supporting tax increases. Government needs to cut and more tax relief. Obama would raise taxes on people making 42K.
Biden, says that McCain voted for tax incease 477 times. And that Palin can't defend deregulation.
Palin was in the middle of defending McCain and citing her record on cuttng taxes and Gwen Ifill cut her off mid sentence.
Biden is saying that people making less than 200k will not see a tax increase. People making less than 150k will get a tax increase.
Palin is saying that Biden's plan is for economic redistribution and that their plan will target small businesses. And that Biden's comment in saying paying more taxes is patriotic is crazy.
Palin is saying that Government sponsored healthcare is not smart because the government is not doing things too well.
Biden is saying that because of the economic issue, they won 't double foreign spending and then they won't pass a bunch of "McCain tax cuts", but health care will still be on the table.
Palin - is saying that OBama voted for the very plan that gave oil companies big tax breaks, and that she took on the oil companies and wouldn't give them tax breaks. Palin said McCain hadn't made any promises he can't keep despite the economy.
Biden is saying that Obama wants to do the same kind of plan as palin by doing a windfall profit tax.
Palin is dodging the question of being in favor of changing bankruptcy rules by talking about reform.
Biden also voted for it as well, which is contrary to Obama, who was against it.
Palin is now advocating more energy and framing Obama as being against it.
Ifill is asking for myths of global warming from palin. Palin is saying it is a combination of both. She said she isn't going to talk about the causes, just the solutions, which is very odd form. If you don't acknowledge the cause, how can you treat the alleged problem.
Biden is saying that climate change is absolutely man made, which is idiotic. Apparently nothing has ever changed in the history of the world.
Palin is saying that people do want to drill, and Alaska has lots of resources. She is citing that Biden and Obama called drilling to be raping the surface of the earth.
Biden says he is for same sex benefits and that there should be no legal difference and that the constitution calls for it.
Palin is not in favor of expanding benefits if it means redefining marraige.
Palin is now throwing Biden's words critical of Obama for voting against the surge.
Biden is saying that McCain has no plan and that McCain voted against funding because it had a timeline. Obama believes in a timeline. Biden " We will end this war, for McCain there is no end in sight"
Palin "your plan is white flag of surrender" and Obama can't even acknowledge the surges success. "You would be honored to run on McCain's ticket" "Biden said Obama is not ready to be commander in chief".
Question, which country is worst
Biden: Pakistan and Iran, he doesn't say where Obama stands on these things but instead criticizes McCain. afghanistan and pakistan is where the next attack will be planned.
Palin said Patreus says that Iraq is the frontline in the war on terror. you can't deal with a man, in Iran that thinks Isreal is a stink corpse. Obama would deal with all these crazy leaders without precondition.
Biden says that is not true.
They are now talking about foreign policy. There is nothing big here. McCain is for strength, Obama is for tea with the enemy.
Biden is saying that McCain is just a continuation of Bush.
I think I heard Palin say New cle air, like Bush, instead of Nuclear (New clear)
Biden says that the commanding general in afghanistan said the surge wouldn't work there. Palin said that isn't what he said, so I don't think Obama has a real strategy.
Palin had the best line yet when she said that she is an outsider because she can see Biden doing the for it and then being against it routine with about Iraq. People just want straight talk she says.
Biden is trying to say that he didn't support McCain's plans, but Palin isn't backing down and that Biden is just changing his tune now. McCain knows how to win a war.

The question posed now is how would the VPs differ from their running mates. Biden is just going into talking points. Palin is saying they would disagree on anwar drilling, but now she is going on about her talking points.

Palin just dinged Biden on living in the past.

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Kansas Bob said...

I thought that Biden was a bit subdued.. when Palin said that he was living in the past I would have told her that people who don't run on their voting record (90% voting with Bush) say things like that.

That said, I think that Palin won the debate for the same reason Obama won the first one.. she just needed to look vice presidential.. she also needed to turn things around from the horrible Couric interview.. and I think that she did it.

I agree that Palin connects with middle America because she comes across as one of us. I felt the same way about Bush 8 years ago. The question is do we want another Bush? Oh wait.. I forgot.. Palin and McCain are mavericks.. if you believe their rhetoric :)