Wednesday, October 15, 2008

William Ayers is a College Professor: McVeigh/Ayers Comparison echoed by Limbaugh

In Barrak Obama's most recent radio ad, he attempts to take the William Ayers issue head on. The ad begins by saying that McCain said if the election becomes about the economy, he will lose. And that McCain is now running what the media calls a "smear". Now they switch to defense mode. They start of by saying that "William Ayers is a College Professor". I'll stop right there, because the rest is not that important. To frame the head of a domestic terrorist group as merely a "College Professor", a man that after 911 said he wished he could have done more, is to say that Timothy McVeigh was just a veteran.

What is the difference between Tim McVeigh and William Ayers? It's a college education, political affiliation, and body count. What glorious things might Tim McVeigh have accomplished if he was allowed to go free. He had a disagreement with his country and wanted to change its course just like William Ayers. If John McCain had launched his political career in Timothy McVeigh's living room or if John McCain served on the same board as McVeigh, or if McVeigh ghost wrote McCain's book, you have to ask yourself with all of your intellectual honesty, would the media give McCain the same pass? Would you give McCain the pass. Make no mistake, there is no difference in intent between McVeigh and Ayers.
Once again, since I wrote this post this morning, the content of the post was echoed today by Rush Limbaugh. I must be about 3 hours ahead of him.


Kansas Bob said...

I wonder if McCain will present something similar in tonight's debate?

jrchaard said...

Not a chance. I question whether he would shoot an intruder in his own home threatening his wife.

Kansas Bob said...

Maybe I am misunderstanding Scott?

Are you saying that McCain is a coward? I thought that he was strong on defense type of guy?

jrchaard said...

Never mistake my vote for McCain as a total endorsement. I hate 85% of what he stands for, but 100% of Obama. I think he would be stong on defense, but like Bush, just seems to cower to the media

Anonymous said...

The Weatherman gave substantial warning for all their actions. McVeigh's action killed 168 people, including 19 innocent children, and he expressed no remorse. I am not excusing Ayers, but there is no comparison here.

jrchaard said...

William Ayers also expressed no remorse. Him and his wife said they didn't know enough. maybe if he had a soldier like McVeigh, he could have done more.