Sunday, November 2, 2008

How Many Millions Have Socialist Killed

Let's put it all out there on the table. As I listened to my annoying neighbor kids chant for Obama, I wonder what they really know about this man and his politics. That made me think about him myself. Barrak Obama is a Socialist in every sense of the word. He wants take from some to give to others. In our country, the people that fit his bill for whom he would take from are outnumbered by those he would give to. That all makes for a perfect recipe to get elected, kind of like Hitler. Or, if the election doesn't go his way, maybe Obama will just take over by power like Stalin, Mao, Castro, Hussein, or the Khmer Rouge. Think about how many millions the Socialists killed in the 20th century. I'm not talking about through war exactly, I'm talking about through death camps, starvation, and forced labor. The answer I come up with is about 100 million when you add up the Soviet Union, China, Germany, Cuba, Iraq, Vietnam, Cambodia, and South and Central America. The only time we came close to this type of activity ourselves were the Japanese internment camps of the Roosevelt era. Again, Obama is a Socialist. When people think about supporting him, I want them to think about where that support has often led mankind.

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