Thursday, November 6, 2008

McCain Sacrifices Palin in a Maverick Way

McCain has landed on Sarah Palin as his scapegoat. The Maverick of Washington is using anonymous sources to discredit Palin, saying things that range from her not knowing what countries are in NAFTA to whether or not Africa is a continent. Of course, Africa is where Obama was born, so he has the edge on her there, anyways. This is such a disgrace. She poured everything she was allowed to into this campaign. It is also sad that the media ignored similar attacks by the Obama campaign, but now that it comes from the Republicans, it is news worthy. I can't stand McCain and I can't stand the Republicans. It is clear, of course, that just as they did in 2006, the party elite will think they weren't moderate enough. My voice is finding no footing in the political world today.

(I imagine the caption on this picture would be a word bubble from McCain thinking, you are going down)


Kansas Bob said...

I am interested to see where this story will go.. if McCain is silent than it will be obvious that he is not as honorable as he pretends to be.. and maybe not really worthy to be elected president.

jrchaard said...

Of course, I would be curious to see Obama in the same situation.