Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Obama's Biggest Challenge: America's Shining

Looking aside from the fact that I think all of Obama's decisions will be poor, I want to more objectively examine the psychology of the man. As I have had to follow his campaign for two years, I've learned a little bit about what makes Barrak and those around him tick. Ego. Ego has to be a major factor for anyone running to be President in today's age. Barrak takes it a step further. As he campaigned, Obama's was confronted with masses of supporters, sometimes numbering 100k or more. (though his margin of victory proved small and the voter turnout was the same as in 2004). He is adored internationally, and the media, the chief sources of news, were jubilant at his victory. Objective journalist Chris Mathews even stated that it was his goal to have a successful Obama Presidency.

When you feel you can do no wrong and you know that no one will call you out on what you do wrong, you can become a megalomaniac. When Obama takes the office, he will be faced with the reality that his word is not law. His spoken words do not immediately become inscribed on stone tablets. He will actually have to work with Congress before his will is exerted. However, it is clear that the ego driven Obama doesn't want to wait on Congress. He plans on becoming a strong user in executive orders. These too have their limit. I believe that Obama will take them to their limit. We will see the frustration come out when his decrees don't make it through Congress quick enough or even at all. It will be like the villain who plays nice and all seems to go well for them, but as frustration mounts, they show their dark side more and more. We shall see.

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Mike S said...

... how about corrupotion. Government is just way too profitable.