Wednesday, November 5, 2008

There is B.O. in the White House: Barrak Obama Wins the Presidential Election

The idea of Barrak Hussein Obama being the President and occupying the White House really stinks it up. The rationale used to elect this man makes no sense. My wife boiled it down for me in such a brilliant biblical way. She reminded me how the Israelites appealed to Samuel for a King. They want one very badly. Samuel tried to discourage them but they would not listen. Samuel finally gave in but warned them that their king would be harsh. That is what happened with King Saul. The people loved him and he started off well enough, but later he grew to be the harsh king Samuel had warned the people about.

This time, our mob wanted change and also fell in love with the idea of an African-American President (just the idea, it didn't matter the man so long as he wasn't a Republican). Despite all the warnings, we have now been given what we asked for. I hope for our nation's sake that God has a David in waiting 4 years from now.

Now, I am troubled by the election results. There are many thoughts running through my head. Instead of trying to piece together some cohesive thought, I'm just going to put these random thoughts down.

Obama spent 700 million dollars just to be President, despite his promise to use public financing. After 700 million dollars and the 100% backing of the media, Obama only won by 4%. This is not a mandate.

The media is holding nothing back. Ear to ear smiles on all of them. They cannot contain their excitement and enthusiasm. They are painting this election like a mandate, or what they would view as the second coming. Remember, half of the nation did not vote for this man.

I don't want to hear another minority cry racism. There can no longer be any claim that the system is set up to suppress minorities. There will still be racists, both black and white, but how can anyone claim a system is against them if Obama got elected. Obama didn't get elected on the black vote alone. White people elected him President. While Jesse Jackson may have been crying on TV last night, those are crocodile tears for sure. The racial agitators have no where to go now, and their income is in jeopardy.

A sure sign that the wrong person was elected is when there are celebrations in the third world by the people and the leaders especially. Are these the people we want to be happy.

Now it is time for Blame:

I am obviously a conservative, so it goes without saying that I believe that our current state of the economy and the results of the election are due to liberal policies. So I'm not going to cite Pelosi and Congress specifically, but thanks to them anyway for the mortgage mess.

Thank you first to President Bush. I despise your presidency more than any other in my lifetime. The criticism is two fold, for what you did and for what you didn't do. What you didn't do was act like the conservative you campaigned as, twice. What you didn't do was have a spine to stand up to the Democrats. What you didn't do was take action in Iraq earlier, allowing for it to fester until many turned against the cause. What you didn't do was be proactive on issues such as energy, and the mortgage crisis. Come at these issues from a conservative perspective and set the course. What you didn't do was be a leader. What you did do was spend like a drunken sailor. What you did do is reach across the aisle and join the Democrats on issues like Education, immigration, and campaign finance reform.

I would next like to thank Mike Huckabee. His alleged conservatism split the primary and let to a McCain win. I very much believe this was the intention.

Thank you to the Republican Congress for squandering your mandate. They achieved a majority because they promised to finally work in conservative principles. All they did was spend. At every challenge by a Democrat, they compromised or gave in. They forced voter apathy in 2006, and now in 2008, the Democrats have unchecked power.

Thank you John McCain for running a campaign that refused to bring up relevant issues because you wanted to be soft for fear of being called a bigot. A real maverick wouldn't care and would call Obama out for the Marxist he his with extreme ties, including a church and pastor that preaches black liberation theology.

Thank you voters. You finally woke up and said why work when I can vote. When a woman says with all sincerity, "I don't have to worry about paying my mortgage. I don't have to worry about fillin my gas tank. I did my part for Obama, now he is going to do his," the nation as we know it is over. What kind of people have we brought up to believe that the American dream is to work the system to get things free. I remember that guy that would dress up like the Riddler from batman. He was Dr. Andrew Lezko and he wrote books on how to get free stuff from the government. Apparently that his been turned into a textbook because that is what we have now.

In closing, for those that read my blog on a regular basis, this election has taken quite a bit out of me. I have "Post" fatigue. I plan to keep my blog updated with good topics, but I will not be posting every day as I have for the past several months. I will post as I have inspiration, rather than seeking the inspiration. Thank you for your readership and please remember to keep our nation in your prayers. And remember that for every shadow, there is the hope for the dawn sunrise.
On a lighter note, I can go back to really not liking John McCain.


Kansas Bob said...

I agree with this Scott..

"I would next like to thank Mike Huckabee. His alleged conservatism split the primary and let to a McCain win."

..sadly McCain seemed to just play him.. he didn't seem to even be considered for McCain's veep.

jrchaard said...

Maybe 2012 we'll see a true conservative party

Kansas Bob said...

It will have to be a third party :(

jrchaard said...


Chris said...

Just so I understand...
Are you saying Huckabee is not a conservative, as you said "alleged"?

His platform appeared to be mostly along conservative lines to me.

Please explain.

jrchaard said...

As his campaign began to drag on, he exposed, like Bush, his mediocrity on fiscal issues. His foreign policy was also questionable.

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