Monday, November 17, 2008

Time for a Third Political Party

"Beware of the two party system." Was George Washington speaking prophetically when he spoke these words during his farewell address. With our country in its infancy, how could he foresee this as being bad? More importantly, why do we continually ignore the direction of our founding fathers? As we have now seen most dramatically over the past eight years, the two party system may end up being our downfall. Is it too late? How do we stop the two as one party juggernaut?

It starts with misconception. The American people are not as tepid and moderate as elections would convey. We are not all a bunch of wishy-washy independents just waiting until the day of the election to finely figure out what candidate we want, but that is what we have created with two parties. The two party system locks the vast majority of people into either end of the spectrum. Conservatives stick to Republicans and liberals stick to Democrats regardless of the candidate and platform. "I'm just going to hold my nose and vote against the other guy." That's what I and many others did this election.

The two party system is deadly because at the expense of 80% of Americans, the two parties pander to the 20% of moderates and undecideds. Both parties then set basically the same platform of mediocrity. You flip a coin at the polls and you never now what you're gonna get. So this nation is now being steered by 20% of people that don't have a decisive bone in their body. Our ship is at sea with no rudder.

They say the best time to plant a tree is 10 years ago. The same goes for starting a third party. It is not too late, but the road will be tough. If a significant effort is made, I don't think that a third party will be able to field a Presidential candidate for at least 8 years. What is the process?

I propose the formation of third political party based on strict interpretation of the constitution. Abiding by the constitution and not the Supreme Court's interpretation of it should solve all the various battles a fragmented conservative movement could face. You must think of building this party like building a pyramid. You can't put the capstone on (the Presidency) until all the lower layers are completed. The bottom layer of the pyramid consist of state and local elections. You have to get State Representatives and State Senators and Mayors and councilman. This is where the power of a party starts. If you don't have this layer in place, when you try to run a national campaign, you not only have to deal with getting the message out, you have to deal with getting your party on the ballot, finding who the delegates would be, who runs a primary.... The two parties want you to get overwhelmed with procedure. Build the party at the state level and you don't have to worry about procedure later on.

Once the state layer is in tact, start running people for congress, both house and Senate. Let them start building a presence nationally. Don't worry about fragmenting the conservative movement. This new party can work as a coalition with conservatives of other parties, as is done in parliamentary forms of government. Some of them may even start to defect. The goal is to get a strong conservative message out there an let people sign on to the platform. After a while, maybe by 2020, you put up a Presidential candidate. Maybe you win, or maybe you lose, but because you built your party at the state level first, it won't fall apart based on the outcome of a national election as Ross Perot's Reform Party did in 1992 and 1996.

We can do it. I feel the momentum swinging in this direction. If we set our sites too high, we can't win. If we take these moderates out at the knees, they won't be able to stand against us. Now we just need a name for our party. Since our current state is a rudderless ship, I propose we call ourselves the Rudder party. We will steer our great country the right direction.


Kansas Bob said...

Politics these days seems to be all about celebrity (a person that is well known) and money (to make that person better known.

Ross Perot spent his own money.. created a viable third party.. became very well known.. and had a chance to win it all in 1992. Unfortunately, once Perot was gone the party floundered.

Creating a sustainable third party will involve both money and celebrity.. any ideas where they will come from?

jrchaard said...

That's what I'm trying to avoid. I don't want to be trapped into the money and celebrity pit fall. If we do it ground up, then the money will be their and we won't need celebrity.

Kelsie said...

The fires are north and east of me. Theres one thats maybe 20 minutes east though... The other day the smoke was soo bad that it looked like it was night time to the north of me.

Clayson said...

Scott, I like it. I was wondering if you minded if I sent it to the Constitution party leaders to get their take. I was wondering if you could give your take on the homosexual situation in California. Tacy heard that they(pro-homosexuals) were possibly suing the state to overturn the amendment, is that possible.

jrchaard said...

I will make that a post.

jrchaard said...

Oh yeah,send away