Monday, November 10, 2008

When Did Writing Become Fun

My teenage daughter is taking a pretty involved composition class. It requires quite a bit of writing, balancing content with the need to include every grammatical term there is. I remember those days and am glad I don't have to worry about having my work proof read. My daughter, like most people at her age, does not like to do all of this writing. My biggest problem in school was keeping the length within the requirements as I can be long winded.

As I watched my daughter work through her paper last night, I got to thinking, when did writing become fun? I write because I enjoy it. The entire blogosphere is made up of people that like to write, whether or not anyone reads what they have to say. I can't imagine all of these people were impassioned writers in their youth. So, how does the switch flip. When does someone here something on the news and say "oh man, I absolutely have to write about the proliferation of the pepper moth in England. This is so interesting." In school, having to write about the election or other current event seemed liked pulling teeth. Now, in the blogosphere, you have to struggle to come up with the more catchy title so more people will read your article about why ethanol is bad. I think that when you reach 30, the old person hormone starts producing in your brain and that's what makes you think you are now Arthur Miller. Hooray, I got through a whole post without saying Barrak Obama.


Kansas Bob said...

Ethanol is bad? You should write about it some time :)

jrchaard said...

Yeah, apparently it makes a bigger carbon footprint to produce than it is saving and it drives up the cost of beef and milk and all other agricultural products (Thats for people who read this comment. I know you know all of this stuff).