Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Why the States

Why is there always a push to try to get the abortion issue decided at the state level. Because there is no constitutional amendment banning abortion, the constitution does not fully provide for it to be decided at the federal level. Those powers not listed in the constitution for the federal government or protected for the individual are reserved for the states. So, constitutionally, we move to have these issues decided at the state level, which is a good strategy.

Contrary to what the media portrays, this nation still has some moral decency left in it. Morally speaking, I would say we tend to be on the conservative side. Over the last several years, we have seen that when a moral issue is put on the ballot, such as banning gay marriage or limits on abortion, or other conservative issues like eliminating affirmative action and making English the official language, they pass. What about states like California that overturns voter initiatives like anti-illegal immigration or the current issue with homosexual marriage. It is clear that the electorate is not aware of the power they have and the power a rogue Governor like Arnold Schwarzenegger or Attorney General Jerry Brown do not have. In many ways, we have abdicated the rule of law to the rule of the Judicial whim.

The way to combat this assault by the court and others is to use the support that passed the initiative to change the state constitution. Change enough state constitutions and you might actually start to build some momentum that could lead to a U.S. constitutional amendment. Just as forming a 3rd party must start state level, so must the process to ban abortion and protect marriage. If we start to big, it won't happen because as I stated in a previous post, the U.S. amendment process is dead.


Kansas Bob said...

I am with you on changing a state's constitution. Not that it is all that easy.. but you have to start somewhere.

jrchaard said...

It's kind of like exercising. When people start big, they fail big. When people start small and just try to build the habit, they stick to it.