Monday, December 22, 2008

Corleone Report Clears Luca Brasi

You know, I've tried to stay clear of the Blagojevich and its likely connection to Obama until some hard evidence comes in, but these recent stories of Obama's "internal" investigations into the connection are just ridiculous. The media has placed Obama on a footing I have never seen in that he is so magnanimous he is able to do his own investigation into himself and those around him, and we are supposed to believe their findings at face value. I can find no such parallel. Even Clinton didn't get this kind of treatment.

Imagine the Godfather being remade. Michael Corleone is named Senator of New York to replace Hillary Clinton. Now Michael gets to control the strings like his Pop always wanted. But the media begins looking into his family life. They hear a story about some guy named Luca Brasi and how he was sent to make somebody an offer they couldn't refuse. Michael simply comes out and says their own investigations have found no connection to Luca Brasi. The media simply says "Ok", and on to the Senate Michael goes. You would think this was a Zucker brother's farce. I think the same thing about Obama's investigation.


thejotus said...

Obama himself is ridiculous. What he stands for and what he represents is ridiculous.

With that said, I am not going to go completely BDS (Barrack Derangement Syndrome). I will give him the benifit of the doubt when he says he did not discuss the Senate seat for a "quid pro quo."

But don't insult my intelligence by telling me you or your staff never spoke about the seat. You did. And you know you did. And you know waht? It's ok. Because that is what politics is about.

What ticks people off is the fact you are too cowardly to admit you did so. Instead of being a man, you want to hide behind some legal definition with the meaning of "discuss" or "talk" or "converse."

Be a man Barry. For once in your pathetic, paid for, done nothing life.

jrchaard said...

Barrak isn't worried because the media will never go deep into him. That is why they will be content with his own investigation.

thejotus said...

While on the surface I agree with you. 95% of the media is being tea bagged by Obama. However, there are a few who feel duped by the Chosen One:

With his support of warrantless wiretapping (he supports it as did Bush), his campaign promise of the withdrawal from Iraq (isn’t going to happen, continuing the Bush policy), taxing the top 5% (the staple of his campaign message, now is put on hold), and what the left sees as betrayals like keeping Bushies Robert Gates and Michael Hayden. Another is his appointment of almost 70% former Clinton Administration people. Including Shillary, whom he absolutely whose your daddy’d on the campaign trail.

So this is still a story. And Obama can run away to go on vacation all he wants, but someday he will have to be a man. And address issues like a man.

jrchaard said...

He went on vacation so the press could snap a picture of him on the Beach all Buff, because that is where he is spending his time, in the gym.