Friday, December 12, 2008

Darth Bush: Revenge of the Sith

I love movie parodies. I like to take wild leaps and do unlikely comparisons to a movie, like my last post. For today's post, I would like to draw the comparison between Anakin Skywalker's decline into the dark side as depicted in Star Wars episodes 1 through 3, and Bush's slide into becoming the most liberal President in modern history. We begin in Bush's first term. He was elected and believed to be the chosen one. The one that conservative prophesies said would bring balance to politics. He started off well enough, passing tax cuts and his initial response to the 9/11 attacks. The liberal side, led by Ted Kennedy, began to take Bush under his wing. He supported the Kennedy education plan as his first sign of loyalty. Kennedy already had an apprentice, John McCain, so Bush still tried to stick to the conservative side. When the 04 election came around, Bush reassured the members of the conservative council. The people believed they needed to give this man 4 more years and a bigger majority and the liberal side would be crushed. After the election, the liberal side seemed crush and went into hiding. Kennedy’s apprentice, John McCain, played into the liberal side’s hand by passing the McCain-Feingold bill to curb freedom of speech in politics. Bush willingly went along and signed the bill. Once this was complete, Bush began to question the conservative council. He went rogue and defied conservative principles, while keeping the title. In the 06 elections, Bush’s transformation was complete. Having joined the liberal side, Kennedy issued order 66, in which Bush was to terminate all conservatives. Bush completed the task and the liberal side was ushered into power. The people felt they still had one of theirs in the white house, but because the liberal side has clouded the media, they didn’t realize that full power shifted. Now Bush’s mentor, Emperor Kennedy was ailing. Bush saw his opportunity and decided to become the lead liberal on the liberal side. During the 08 election, Bush had become so transformed by the liberal side that he was not able to make public appearances. His appearance was so gruesome that few could stomach to see him. Now, during the time of this auto-bailout business, we see that he has removed the hood and openly come out as the current leader of the liberal side, going against all Senate republicans. Unlike Annakin, I doubt there is any conservative in him to come back.

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Kansas Bob said...

Aaah.. your story lacks a few characers.. Princess Sarah.. Han Jindal.. and Luke Huckabee.. and then there is that wookie.. ChewBiden :)