Sunday, December 21, 2008

Global Cooling

We've seen the holes coming a mile away. Gore was very silent last winter and his momentum has stalled. Chicago experienced a temperature trend over the last 10 years that was below average. With this unbelievably cold weather settling in over the entire U.S., I am not the only person that will write a post like this. It is clear from the weather trends over the past couple of years that our minor period of warming is over and we will now settle back into the period of cooling that we were previously seeing. My prediction is that over the next 5 years, global warming will become such a joke that the environmentalists will have to figure out ways to blame the cooling on people. We must hold strong as President Obama will have a golden opportunity to legislate this myth into law before the people turn (however slowly as their limbs are too stiff from the cold). I know we can do it. The same American people that forgot 9/11 just a few short years after it happened will be very quick to forget the global warming hoax once they are shoveling their cars out of the snow in early November and late April.

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