Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Mixed Bag of Nuts

Today, I have just a couple of mixed thoughts. Some just come from my random ponderings and some are radio inspired.

1. When considering the auto-bailout, the Congress is leveraging their oversight ability as something that will instill confidence amongst the voters. "Well, I didn’t really think it was a good idea. Then Nancy Pelosi said there would be government oversight to make sure these companies are run in a way that is financially solvent. That just sold me right there.” If government can’t run itself in a financially solvent way, why would we think that they are just the people to make sure the Big 3 turn things around. The only difference between Ford and the Federal government is that Ford can’t print money to cover its debts. Ten trillion dollars in debt and the federal government is the answer.
2. How about the price of gas, which is tied to the price of oil. Oil closed at $42 a barrel yesterday. This is the same level as just over 3 years ago, when oil started its climb. I remember when oil crossed $40 and how big of an increase that was. I want to know how the price of a commodity could increase 350% in three years and then come down to its original price in just 3 months. They say it is because of decreased demand, but nothing drops that fast because of decreased demand. If McDonald’s isn’t selling its Big Mac at $4.00 each, it drops the price down to $3.85 or $3.50. It doesn’t drop the price to $1.31. I think we need to dig into not why the oil price dropped, but why it rose so much.
3. Who didn’t see the Governor Blagojevich situation coming down the road. Illinois and Chicago are the New York of the 1850s and 60s. Anything that comes out of this system is going to be tainted. I remember the movie “Johnny Dangerously” with Michael Keaton. Michael Keaton is the crime boss and his brother is the straight assistant District Attorney. The assistant DA is invited out to the DA’s house, played by Danny Devito. In this scene, Devito asks Keaton’s brother if he wants to play ball. When asking the question, his wall in his parlor is replaced exposing a game show type atmosphere with woman and lights and Devito taking on the role of a game show host for “playing ball”. Keaton’s brother turned him down and wouldn’t play ball. The truth is, if you want to play Chicago politics, you have to play ball. I’m pretty sure Obama didn’t escape this game.
4. Here in Kansas City, a judge that used her bench to money from lawyers looking for a favorable outcome in order to pay for her gambling addiction has been named to state panel for problem gambling. I thought we punish people for this kind of behavior, not reward them. Maybe a murderer should be named to a police task force since their unique experience will help the police.
5. One more thing about the Illinois Governor situation. There has been some outcry from the media, including conservative radio, asking the question , “Why is this guy out on the streets”. I heard one person say he should just be locked up until the trial. While the charges are severe, I doubt he is a flight risk, nor does he pose a danger to the general public, which is what bail is usually based on. Have we forgotten that he is innocent until proven guilty. I do not want our system made into mob justice, where the whim of the people and media determines guilt before a trial.
6. For anyone that though Obama was a man of faith, I heard a recent report that he has not been to a single church service since winning, though he still manages to work out and play hoops.


thejotus said...

Obama went to church two Sunday's ago.

But just to be clear, your position is that if you don't go to service every Sunday you are not a person of faith?

jrchaard said...

The bible calls you to gather with other believers, wherever that may be. My point is that I think that somebody who goes to church as a habbit doesn't suddenly stop, if they have time to do things like working out and playing hoops.

Kansas Bob said...

About #6 - neither Reagan nor our current evangelical president regularly attended/attends services.. wonder why conservatives never seem to be much concerned about that?

jrchaard said...

I can't see how not going to church is an option, barring circumstance.