Wednesday, December 31, 2008

One President At A Time

Recently, Barrak "Dodge the Media Palin Style" Obama said to a question about recent situations that we can only have one President at a time. This is a very troubling response to me. The man has been made President. While he won't be inaugurated until January 21st, he will be the leader of the free world that will have to deal with all of the crisis that are springing up. His stance when asked about anything has been to insulate himself by saying no comment, or his people will be looking into it, or there can only be one President at a time. I find this last statement to be very hypocritical. During the campaign, Obama did everything he could to try to take on the mystique of a President. His plane was Obama Force One, his seal was meant to replace the seal of the President. He traveled overseas, meeting with foreign leaders and looked very presidential. He did everything he could to make himself look like the President while there was already one holding the office. But now, with actual responsibility, he goes on vacation, lifts weights, and releases reports that will clear himself of scandal. Obama is like the sports analyst. He makes it sound like he has all the plays, but put him in a coaching job and he can’t carry the water for the team. He’ll get a pass though by the media.


thejotus said...

There is one thing I disagree with you on this: Obama have NEVER looked Presidential. And now with the ridiculous photos of him wearing his hat backwards and having no shirt on, he doesnt ACT Presidential either.

He is a talking head with about as much substance as a jar of air.

jrchaard said...

Sorry Jotus, just to be clear, I was being tongue and cheek. I don't think Mr. UH Stutters looked Presidential and continues to look less so as you have said.

Kansas Bob said...

I think that, once in office, he will communicate way more than Bush did.. I mean way more.. and he will certainly be more presidential than W.. that bar is pretty low right now.

Happy 2009 Scott and Jim!

Maybe we can get together and blog it out sometime in 2009 :)

jrchaard said...

A blog showdown, in person. Let's do it. I'm trying to get Jimmy to come to colloquy