Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Russian Warships in Cuba

Am I the only one concerned about this. After visiting our oil friends in Venezuela, the mighty Russian fleet anchored in Cuba. I know that their ability to project global power is limited, but what does this say about where Russia is when it comes to its relations with the United States. Will Putin make a personal trip to visit Osama Bin Laden next. All of this activity reminds me of the Cold War days, but with its resurgence, it is more like a Tom Clancy novel.
You have to admit though, to put things into perspective, we are helping Poland build a missile shield and pushing for the inclusion of the former soviet block countries into NATO. Maybe this is the only way Russia has to make a statement. Either way, with all Bush’s faults, I feel safer with the Russian fleet just a 100 miles away under Bush’s watch than I do under Obama’s.

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Kansas Bob said...

Get ready for normalized relations with Cuba Scott. I predict that Hillary will make friends with Castro.