Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Zune 30 GB Freeze: How to Fix

I was told about the story of the 30GB Zune locking up by one of my co-workers that makes funny of me for having a "Brick". I went to turn on my Zune, which I call my baby, and had the same issue. Microsoft is now in an interesting situation, like Tylenol was back in the early 80's when it was discovered that there was poison in some bottles. Instead of trying to dodge the issue, Tylenol claimed responsibility and recalled all of their product. The result was that the consumer was able to have confidence that if they continue to buy or choose to buy this product for the first time, Tylenol will handle itself in a responsible manner. In the end, Tylenol did not suffer any losses.
Unlike Tylenol, Microsoft is not the industry leader in portable media devices, though they would like to be. Microsoft has began to erode away at the IPOD faithful. Their devices have many function the I-Pod does not, such as radio and social functions. Microsoft must do the right thing here. If they cannot fix the issue, they must replace defective devices, no questions asked. What would happen if they choose not to. If I am a current 30GB owner, I will not choose to remain with Microsoft when I now have to replace my device. If I am choosing which device to purchase, I would choose the I-Pod with the knowledge that Microsoft would not make good on defects. Choosing a Zune would be taking a risk. Each Zune owner already takes a risk knowing that they are choosing a product that is not as widely used. Allowing 30GB owners to suffer would further this claim, and I would predict it would be the end of the Zune.
The choice is clear, Microsoft must make good on repairing these devices in some way. They can either be the Tylenol of the media players or used car salesman selling lemons.
According to the support forums with almost 3,000 hits, One person believes it is caused by a leap second this year that will resolve itself after midnight. Others are suggesting that removing their batteries is also working, though it will void the manufactures warrant.


Kansas Bob said...

Guess you might know tomorrow?

jrchaard said...

it looks like the leap second theory is what was correct.