Friday, January 30, 2009

Standard AM/FM Cassette

So when did Compact Discs or CDs overtake cassettes as the standard media for playing recorded songs. When first release along with a Sony CD player in the US in 1982, it didn't take long. I would say that by 1993, cassettes were out and CDs were in. So why is it that it took auto manufacturers 10 years to change from standard cassette to standard CD. First of all, I think it was the money involved in upgrading. So many people were willing to pay to have the upgrade that it wasn't worth it. Anecdotally, I would say that the Asian auto companies adapted to the CD first. So if you look for used cars, you have a better chance at finding a CD player in an older Honda or Toyota. Meanwhile, Ford, Chrysler, and GM pushed cassette. It is fitting that US manufacturers trailed long behind. If I were working for any of these businesses, I would incorporate a USB port as standard on my new cars, just so that we can have the edge for once.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Obama's Backward Thinking Stimulus Plan

First of all, this plan is full of pork. That is all I have to say about that. Second, as I saw part of the plan on the news this morning, I saw that there will be $12 in tax cuts per week for working Americans. There will be an additional $25.00 per week for the unemployed. When the incentive is greater to not work than it is to work you have a breakdown in the system.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Priorities:Greenhouse to White House

I looked at the headlines on Yahoo today, Sprint to lay off 8,000, Home Depot 7,000, GM 2,000..... I then looked at the next story, Obama to fight greenhouse gases. This guy is a joke. He is going to impose all kinds of new regulations, especially on automakers, right at the time this industry is in danger of going under. Let's look ahead a few years. Do we really think the Chinese won't be building our cars in the future. What's to stop them. Certainly not greenhouse policies. I think the only thing around here that is green is Barrak Obama's experience.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Obama's Media Honeymoon on the Rocks: King Kong on the loose

There is no doubt that the soft touch or gloss touch on Obama during the Presidential campaign allowed Barrak to take the Presidency from their former lover, John McCain. There is also no doubt that they want to see this man have his own holiday before his first 100 days are over. However, I am starting to think that the honeymoon may be on the rocks. I am seeing an increasing number of stories, by the media, about Obama’s hard treatment of them. The media loves themselves first, so Barrak better remember that when he wanders into their portion of the white house and refuses to answer any question of substance. They may cover the fact that he gave a stare down to the reporter asking it. They may also cover how their most hated person in the world, George Bush, may have been more open with information and photos than Obama. They may cover that Obama is controlling how his image is being released by only allowing his photographers and selected media to cover his work in the oval office.
I watch these reports with mixed emotions. On one side, I’m excited to see that Obama the dictator is showing his spots and the media is unknowingly covering it. I enjoy watching the media get snubbed and I enjoy seeing just how big of an egomaniac Obama is. On the other side, it confirms every fear I had about the man, that he is a dictatorial egomaniac bent on controlling everything, including information. These brushes with the media, where Obama gets frustrated and angry, are like when the crowd is watching King Kong rip his chains off. They are a little scared, but think it may just be part of the act. They paid to see the cute giant, how could anything go wrong. All of his handlers assured them everything would be safe. Once Kong picks up his first lady and eats her, the crowd realizes their situation and runs, but it is too late. They are trapped inside with a marauding terror. We too are trapped, for 4 more years.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Deciphering Obama Code

This morning, I watched a half hour of CNN while running on the treadmill. It was agonizing because it was all Obama, all the time, and all fluff. One thing they hit on is how Obama is saying it will take years to "fix" the economy. The word "fix" is the keyword to decipher. When I use my power of interpretation, Obama is not talking about ending the recession here. He means to “fix” the economic system. People are shocked that he would say it will take several years unless you realize what he is really trying to do. It will take his full term and maybe another to totally abandon capitalism. Bush got him started and he will be able to finish the job.

Ten years ago, what would your reaction have been if someone were to tell you that the government will take over control of the financial institutions, Auto manufacturing, and healthcare. You would have thought they were crazy. In 1992-93, when Clintoncare was introduced, the whole nation groaned at the thought of socializing medicine and Hillary had to go into hiding. Apparently, her only fault is that her plan wasn’t ambitious enough. At least in those years, you had an organized, vocal, and effective resistance to Clintoncare. Now, the Republicans are just as eager to adopt socialism. Oh it’s only temporary of course. But have you ever heard of a temporary government program.
Either Dick Morris reads my blog or we are in sync. His article in the Hill offers great insight into the plan and results of Obama. Dick Morris does well Deciphering the Code.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obama is Landing

This inauguration is nothing new. I have seen it countless time in science fiction movies. Spaceship is spotted on its approach to earth by some guys in a dark room with red lights. Next thing you know, the media catches wind and starts wall to wall coverage. Next thing happens is the ship enters the atmosphere. Now the people start getting really anxious. Is this a friend or a foe. The spaceship settles in over New York and large crowds begin to gather to welcome the aliens. In the minds of the crowd, this spaceships arrival has come to mean anything and everything. They dress in funny costumes and stand in awe. The media pans across the sea of people awaiting something. Then, the spaceship begins to make noise. Some large mouth opens up from underneath. The people, still in awe of this ship stand and wait. Then a light appears. “The messiah” some might say. Then, as the light intensifies, the crowd begins to grow a little nervous. “Were we wrong” they say. In a blinding fury, the alien spacecraft unleashes unimaginable destructive force, wiping out the masses and destroying Wall Street.
Meanwhile, safe in the rural areas and countryside, the simple folk gather their supplies, load their weapons and stick out the storm as the aliens go from one large city to another destroying it. They fly right over the Midwest because it is just fly over country to the aliens too. Then, the aliens contract a disease, become bloated, and die, leaving the simple folk to pick up the pieces.
Oh, there is all kinds of symbolism here. Obama is, of course, the invading space aliens. The crowds are the crowds. The simple folk are the loyal readers of this blog. It is obvious that all the obama hype is just going to blow up in everyone’s face, and what seems like harmless change will scour the nation. I love disaster movies, I don’t want to live them.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Patriotism: Remember When

I was driving down the street the other day and I saw something hanging in a person's window that took me back a bit. It was an American flag. What is so striking about it you say, well it happened that this flag was one of those flags that were inserted into the newspaper after 9/11. After 9/11, newspaper's, of all things, inserted a tear out flag so that people could display them. My wife displayed one on the sliding glass door of her townhouse at the time. You could see them everywhere. Seeing this lone flag in a window made me reflect on how much this nation cycled through in just 7 years. Before 9/11, the media were their usual military American hating selves, along with the Democrats. Then we get attacked and their view isn't popular anymore, so they jump on the patriotism band wagon. Everyone was willing to forgive them. After all, we're all in this together. 7 years later and you wouldn't even know 9/11 happened. They don't show footage of it anymore and their are definitely no more flags printed in the papers. Of course, who buys a newspaper now anyway.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Global Warming:Science Without The Scientific Method

I subscribe to the Rush in a Hurry e-mail service. Embedded in my e-mail was a wonderful story about global warming science. I suggest reading the entire thing. What I enjoyed most about the story is that it got me to think very deeply and wonder why I have not heard such a point before. You see, in the scientific method, the experimenter creates a hypothesis and an experiment to test their hypothesis. The set the control and then change the variables to test the theory again and again. If the data doesn't pan out, the scientist moves on to a different hypothesis. In the case of global warming, advocates for the theory created their hypothesis, and only choose the data that supports their theory. It is like a person becoming emotionally attached to a purchase, despite the fact that the good deal is not real, they still want to buy.

According to this article in the Timesonline, the hypothesis the scientists are sticking too is that increased CO2 levels are causing global warming, specifically CO2 as a result of man. I have rejected such a theory as to think it is quite unrealistic to think that 100 years of industry will change an entire climate. Until this article, I never thought to peel the onion back further and question the hypothesis that CO2 causes global warming and not the other way around. Because we have all bought into the assumption of CO2 caused global warming, you then have the burden to prove that the CO2 isn't from man. But when you say that global warming is causing increased CO2, then the debate for man-made global warming is ended. In a nutshell, the article points to the trend of ice ages to last 100,000 years, followed by a 12,000 year warming period. At the end of each warming period, the level of CO2 increases and stays high for the first 800 years of the new ice age. This information is taken from ice samples at the poles. You see, ice traps CO2 better than does warm water. When the ice starts to melt, it begins to release more and more CO2, like an open can of soda losing its fizz. When you are the peak of melting, CO2 levels will be at their highest. It just makes sense. CO2 cycles are naturally occurring and their is nothing we can do to stop the coming ice age. If we buy into Al Gore's science, my suggestion is switch back to leaded gas and buy a V8 engine because it is going to be getting cold

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Obama Trio:Coverage,Security, Spider-Man

No, this is not a new Applebee's entree special. This refers to the trio of observations I made Friday morning while watching CNN. I watched this channel for about 30 minutes and during this time, 20 minutes was devoted to Obama fluff pieces, which is the first point. Twenty minutes of news coverage and nothing even slightly critical of Obama. What has he done you say. He has appointed an experience vacant cabinet when it comes to security for starters. He is basically promising 1 trillion dollar deficits.

The second point surround Obama's rail trip from Philadelphia to the Capital. CNN has this notion in their head that Barrak Obama is the only president for which security is a concern. I think it is more likely that it is the first president since Clinton that CNN cared about the security. The anchors were concerned about the 100+ mile trip, what about going over bridges and going past chemical plants. Listen CNN, George Bush has been traveling for eight years and he made it okay, and I think their are many more people that would like to see harm come to him than Obama at this point. One government official said there was nothing to worry about, they even protected Bush in Iraq. I'll bet Bush is safer in Iraq than the US, but that is besides the point.

Thirdly, Obama is basically going to be featured in a Spider-man comic book. A new issue of Spider-Man will feature an Obama in all but name character. The writer's said that in times like these, we need to lift up our President. I would like to believe them, but when I went to pick up my Spider-Man Bush comic, I was told they never made one. It reminds me of when Mr. Objectivity, Chris Mathews, said that he had to lift up Obama as his job in the media, though the same didn't apply to Bush.

With all this fluff on Obama, I think I would rather have a $9.99 Applebees trio.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Treadmill Library

I am an avid exerciser. I go to the gym many times a week, and when I am not there, I work out at home. You can tell from this frequency that I take my workout seriously. Aside from people confined to light exercise or therapy, I understand that the goal in cardio exercises is to get your heart rate up for an extended period of time. So what I can't fathom is the person that takes the time to get dressed and drive to the fitness center only to perch themselves on the treadmill with a magazine or a book. Their pace is just above a crawl so that they can read the text. An even stranger thing is that you would think the gym would be hip to the fact that reading and exercising don’t mix, so why would they supply magazines. The treadmill manufacturers even provide a ledge to rest reading material on. The only thing that probably interferes with their workout is the occasional interruption of a friend that wants to spend their time running their mouth instead of their feet. Maybe there should be two gyms, one for working out, and one for people that just want to walk a mile in 45 minutes. I might even finish my garage and charge a low low price for people to stand and talk and walk in place.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Obama's Arrogance.

One trillion dollars is what Barrak Obama has said our budget deficit will be as a result of his economic program, with only WW2 eclipsing the enormity of this single program. The way it is being reported is interesting. While the large number is hit on, they skip over the negative and present it as if it is a foregone conclusion that this is somehow positive. This is the same media that wrung their hands at the price tag of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, which is a mere fraction of the Obama economic package. At the core of Obama’s plan is arrogance. What Obama is saying is that he and his administration have the ability to control a majority of the economy to steer it into recovery. This is in direct contrast to my own belief that individuals and the market are the way to go. I can barely manage my own finances, businesses have a hard time managing theirs, city and states never seem to manage, and we know the fed is the worst of all. So why make it worse. It is based on the arrogance of one man who thinks he can do better and a media that will give him a pass. Obama isn’t promising to balance the budget and congressional Demoncats are saying it will be impossible during Obama’s administration. We have the perfect storm. Obama uses the current economic down turn, that will correct itself if government stays out, as a means of taking ownership of countless companies and increasing the scope of government. Because he inherited the mess, he will use the cover that he is just fixing Bush’s problems and it will be a long journey, approximately 4 to 8 years provided they don’t pass an amendment to extend presidential terms.

During the election, I was scared of what an Obama administration would bring. When it was over, I tried to put my fears aside. Now, I am once again afraid as the Socialist Engine is building up steam and ready to leave the station and the Democrat Congress will make sure that the way is made clear. I must also say that McCain brought no joy to me what so ever. It would have been guaranteed that he would have reached so far across the aisle that he would have fallen out of his chair. I’m sure McCain would have grown government. The difference is in intent. McCain would grow government because he lacked conviction not to. Obama will grow government because he has a conviction to grow it. Obama is the end game to a 60 year old socialist agenda.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

You might be....

The wrong choice for CIA Director when even Dianne Feinstein is unenthusiastic about your selection. I can't believe that in this nation of over 300 million people, Obama has landed on Clinton's former chief-of-staff with no intelligence experience as the head of one of the most important positions responsible for our security. Now we have a triumvirate of inexperience in the top levels of foreign policy and defense, including Secretary of State, Homeland Security, and CIA. Barrak Obama’s experience in such matters extends from his travels overseas during the campaign. It almost makes me ask the question, are you trying to undermine our security. During the election, us fringe wackos made such an assertion but didn’t really think it would be purposeful. Now I am starting to reconsider.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Falcons Clipped and Dolphins turned into Tuna

I am a fan of the Kansas City Chiefs. All I have heard for the past week is how much people hope the Chiefs can have the same type of turn around as the Falcons and Dolphins had. Well, after both teams went down in the first round of the playoffs, I hope that we do not. They got to play and lose one extra game this season, big whoop. The Chiefs have been losing playoff games for 20 years. We need long term planning. If we happen to win along the way, hooray. But I'm not counting on a quality playoff team for a couple of years.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Bathroom Stalls: A Gap in Coverage

I always thought there had to be a better way, but I didn't realize it already existed until I traveled to Germany, but I’ll cover that later. You know what I’m talking about, that half inch wide gap between the bathroom stall door and the stall’s wall that all but negates an privacy you thought you had in a public restroom. The gap essentially works as a reverse peep hole, allowing the person on the outside to see more of you than you can see of him. Just what you wanted while you were wiping. In the United States, our privacy in a stall is pretty much void. First of all, there is a giant gap at the bottom of the stall allowing everyone to know whether you are a boxer or briefs kind of person. If you happen to be at work and carry an ID badge, it also allows other bathroom patrons to know exactly who it is that is not getting enough fiber in their diet. Second, if you happen to be in either the 2nd or more in a series of stalls, the lack of exterior indicators(being able to see the dangling feet under the stall) forces the bathroom patron to peer through the giant gap, at you. Catching you with the sports page and your pants around your ankles, the patron moves on to the next stall to repeat. The less patient patrons attempt the police method of serving you a stall search warrant. With no warning, they grab the handle and try to pry the stall open. Not only is your deep concentration interrupted, you also must pray that the ¾ of an inch lock sufficiently spans the half inch gap and locks the door securely enough to withstand this assault. If the lock holds, the patron then must inspect why their efforts failed by sticking their eye in the gap to examine the stall occupant, as if the door could lock itself. To a more skilled and frequent user of a public bathroom, also known as a Turd Burglar for their ability to come into an occupied bathroom and freely do their business, depriving the person next to them their freedom relieve their bowels, the foot check method works to great success. Third, because most sinks have full sized mirrors and are positioned opposite the bathroom stalls, patrons washing their hands get one more chance to see who may be behind the gap. Occasionally, you may even meet eye to eye. The mirror can be helpful for those detecting the occupancy of stalls down the row. One need only look for feet in the reflection of the mirror to gauge the occupancy of the desired stall. I won’t even get into high school bathrooms and their kicked in doors ( I have never understood why a person would kick in a bathroom stall door). Occupants are not without their defenses. A cough, sneeze or toe-tap can sufficiently deter an interruption.
I have now been to Germany twice and seen that they have lived up to their reputation for being great engineers. The Germans solved to resource gap that prevented the extra half inch wide on the bathroom door from being produced and installed. Believe it or not, the bathroom door comes flush to the wall. Not only that, but they also eliminated almost the entire gap at the bottom. Did the fact that these gaps were filled deter a confused American from being able to figure out whether or not a stall was occupied. Not for a second. To illustrate, I must mention the most deplorable bathrooms we use here in the states as an example of how Americans have figured it out. Porta-Potties have no gap to tell the beckoning patron of its occupancy, instead, an external indicator of green/vacant and red/occupied is displayed on the door handle. Unfortunately, what the porta-potty has in security is lost in cleanliness. The Germans have comfort and security in the world of interior public bathrooms by creating the seamless stall with occupancy indicator. As an added bonus, the sinks are often placed in a room separate from the stalls, allowing for even more privacy. The lesson here is let’s be more European in our bathrooms. Let’s be like they are in not knowing what turd burglar is.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

30GB Zune is working

When the clock struck noon GMT, my Zune began to function normally. The one voice of reason on the Zune forum that told everyone that the Zune would start working again was correct. Hooray.