Thursday, January 22, 2009

Deciphering Obama Code

This morning, I watched a half hour of CNN while running on the treadmill. It was agonizing because it was all Obama, all the time, and all fluff. One thing they hit on is how Obama is saying it will take years to "fix" the economy. The word "fix" is the keyword to decipher. When I use my power of interpretation, Obama is not talking about ending the recession here. He means to “fix” the economic system. People are shocked that he would say it will take several years unless you realize what he is really trying to do. It will take his full term and maybe another to totally abandon capitalism. Bush got him started and he will be able to finish the job.

Ten years ago, what would your reaction have been if someone were to tell you that the government will take over control of the financial institutions, Auto manufacturing, and healthcare. You would have thought they were crazy. In 1992-93, when Clintoncare was introduced, the whole nation groaned at the thought of socializing medicine and Hillary had to go into hiding. Apparently, her only fault is that her plan wasn’t ambitious enough. At least in those years, you had an organized, vocal, and effective resistance to Clintoncare. Now, the Republicans are just as eager to adopt socialism. Oh it’s only temporary of course. But have you ever heard of a temporary government program.
Either Dick Morris reads my blog or we are in sync. His article in the Hill offers great insight into the plan and results of Obama. Dick Morris does well Deciphering the Code.

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Kansas Bob said...

Makes me wish that we republicans didn't give the country to the democrats.