Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Global Warming:Science Without The Scientific Method

I subscribe to the Rush in a Hurry e-mail service. Embedded in my e-mail was a wonderful story about global warming science. I suggest reading the entire thing. What I enjoyed most about the story is that it got me to think very deeply and wonder why I have not heard such a point before. You see, in the scientific method, the experimenter creates a hypothesis and an experiment to test their hypothesis. The set the control and then change the variables to test the theory again and again. If the data doesn't pan out, the scientist moves on to a different hypothesis. In the case of global warming, advocates for the theory created their hypothesis, and only choose the data that supports their theory. It is like a person becoming emotionally attached to a purchase, despite the fact that the good deal is not real, they still want to buy.

According to this article in the Timesonline, the hypothesis the scientists are sticking too is that increased CO2 levels are causing global warming, specifically CO2 as a result of man. I have rejected such a theory as to think it is quite unrealistic to think that 100 years of industry will change an entire climate. Until this article, I never thought to peel the onion back further and question the hypothesis that CO2 causes global warming and not the other way around. Because we have all bought into the assumption of CO2 caused global warming, you then have the burden to prove that the CO2 isn't from man. But when you say that global warming is causing increased CO2, then the debate for man-made global warming is ended. In a nutshell, the article points to the trend of ice ages to last 100,000 years, followed by a 12,000 year warming period. At the end of each warming period, the level of CO2 increases and stays high for the first 800 years of the new ice age. This information is taken from ice samples at the poles. You see, ice traps CO2 better than does warm water. When the ice starts to melt, it begins to release more and more CO2, like an open can of soda losing its fizz. When you are the peak of melting, CO2 levels will be at their highest. It just makes sense. CO2 cycles are naturally occurring and their is nothing we can do to stop the coming ice age. If we buy into Al Gore's science, my suggestion is switch back to leaded gas and buy a V8 engine because it is going to be getting cold

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Anonymous said...

Hi - visiting from KansasBob.

Thanks for the link to Timesonline. Whilst I agree that we should be careful with the energy we use I also believe that there is a lot of deliberate misinformation about so called climate change - this phrase in itself is mis-leading; the climate has always been changing, it is nothing new as you quite rightly point out.

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