Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obama is Landing

This inauguration is nothing new. I have seen it countless time in science fiction movies. Spaceship is spotted on its approach to earth by some guys in a dark room with red lights. Next thing you know, the media catches wind and starts wall to wall coverage. Next thing happens is the ship enters the atmosphere. Now the people start getting really anxious. Is this a friend or a foe. The spaceship settles in over New York and large crowds begin to gather to welcome the aliens. In the minds of the crowd, this spaceships arrival has come to mean anything and everything. They dress in funny costumes and stand in awe. The media pans across the sea of people awaiting something. Then, the spaceship begins to make noise. Some large mouth opens up from underneath. The people, still in awe of this ship stand and wait. Then a light appears. “The messiah” some might say. Then, as the light intensifies, the crowd begins to grow a little nervous. “Were we wrong” they say. In a blinding fury, the alien spacecraft unleashes unimaginable destructive force, wiping out the masses and destroying Wall Street.
Meanwhile, safe in the rural areas and countryside, the simple folk gather their supplies, load their weapons and stick out the storm as the aliens go from one large city to another destroying it. They fly right over the Midwest because it is just fly over country to the aliens too. Then, the aliens contract a disease, become bloated, and die, leaving the simple folk to pick up the pieces.
Oh, there is all kinds of symbolism here. Obama is, of course, the invading space aliens. The crowds are the crowds. The simple folk are the loyal readers of this blog. It is obvious that all the obama hype is just going to blow up in everyone’s face, and what seems like harmless change will scour the nation. I love disaster movies, I don’t want to live them.

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