Saturday, January 10, 2009

Obama Trio:Coverage,Security, Spider-Man

No, this is not a new Applebee's entree special. This refers to the trio of observations I made Friday morning while watching CNN. I watched this channel for about 30 minutes and during this time, 20 minutes was devoted to Obama fluff pieces, which is the first point. Twenty minutes of news coverage and nothing even slightly critical of Obama. What has he done you say. He has appointed an experience vacant cabinet when it comes to security for starters. He is basically promising 1 trillion dollar deficits.

The second point surround Obama's rail trip from Philadelphia to the Capital. CNN has this notion in their head that Barrak Obama is the only president for which security is a concern. I think it is more likely that it is the first president since Clinton that CNN cared about the security. The anchors were concerned about the 100+ mile trip, what about going over bridges and going past chemical plants. Listen CNN, George Bush has been traveling for eight years and he made it okay, and I think their are many more people that would like to see harm come to him than Obama at this point. One government official said there was nothing to worry about, they even protected Bush in Iraq. I'll bet Bush is safer in Iraq than the US, but that is besides the point.

Thirdly, Obama is basically going to be featured in a Spider-man comic book. A new issue of Spider-Man will feature an Obama in all but name character. The writer's said that in times like these, we need to lift up our President. I would like to believe them, but when I went to pick up my Spider-Man Bush comic, I was told they never made one. It reminds me of when Mr. Objectivity, Chris Mathews, said that he had to lift up Obama as his job in the media, though the same didn't apply to Bush.

With all this fluff on Obama, I think I would rather have a $9.99 Applebees trio.


thejotus said...

He was safe all but for the shoe thrower...

But your point is well taken.

Kansas Bob said...

I've always thought of you as an Applebees kind of guy :)