Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Obama's Arrogance.

One trillion dollars is what Barrak Obama has said our budget deficit will be as a result of his economic program, with only WW2 eclipsing the enormity of this single program. The way it is being reported is interesting. While the large number is hit on, they skip over the negative and present it as if it is a foregone conclusion that this is somehow positive. This is the same media that wrung their hands at the price tag of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, which is a mere fraction of the Obama economic package. At the core of Obama’s plan is arrogance. What Obama is saying is that he and his administration have the ability to control a majority of the economy to steer it into recovery. This is in direct contrast to my own belief that individuals and the market are the way to go. I can barely manage my own finances, businesses have a hard time managing theirs, city and states never seem to manage, and we know the fed is the worst of all. So why make it worse. It is based on the arrogance of one man who thinks he can do better and a media that will give him a pass. Obama isn’t promising to balance the budget and congressional Demoncats are saying it will be impossible during Obama’s administration. We have the perfect storm. Obama uses the current economic down turn, that will correct itself if government stays out, as a means of taking ownership of countless companies and increasing the scope of government. Because he inherited the mess, he will use the cover that he is just fixing Bush’s problems and it will be a long journey, approximately 4 to 8 years provided they don’t pass an amendment to extend presidential terms.

During the election, I was scared of what an Obama administration would bring. When it was over, I tried to put my fears aside. Now, I am once again afraid as the Socialist Engine is building up steam and ready to leave the station and the Democrat Congress will make sure that the way is made clear. I must also say that McCain brought no joy to me what so ever. It would have been guaranteed that he would have reached so far across the aisle that he would have fallen out of his chair. I’m sure McCain would have grown government. The difference is in intent. McCain would grow government because he lacked conviction not to. Obama will grow government because he has a conviction to grow it. Obama is the end game to a 60 year old socialist agenda.


Kansas Bob said...

Do you know of any humble politicians? It seems that arrogance is in the job description. Heck, I don't know of very many humble leaders anywhere.. it is all a matter of degree.

jrchaard said...

On the Arrogant thermostat, Obama is off the dial.