Friday, January 23, 2009

Obama's Media Honeymoon on the Rocks: King Kong on the loose

There is no doubt that the soft touch or gloss touch on Obama during the Presidential campaign allowed Barrak to take the Presidency from their former lover, John McCain. There is also no doubt that they want to see this man have his own holiday before his first 100 days are over. However, I am starting to think that the honeymoon may be on the rocks. I am seeing an increasing number of stories, by the media, about Obama’s hard treatment of them. The media loves themselves first, so Barrak better remember that when he wanders into their portion of the white house and refuses to answer any question of substance. They may cover the fact that he gave a stare down to the reporter asking it. They may also cover how their most hated person in the world, George Bush, may have been more open with information and photos than Obama. They may cover that Obama is controlling how his image is being released by only allowing his photographers and selected media to cover his work in the oval office.
I watch these reports with mixed emotions. On one side, I’m excited to see that Obama the dictator is showing his spots and the media is unknowingly covering it. I enjoy watching the media get snubbed and I enjoy seeing just how big of an egomaniac Obama is. On the other side, it confirms every fear I had about the man, that he is a dictatorial egomaniac bent on controlling everything, including information. These brushes with the media, where Obama gets frustrated and angry, are like when the crowd is watching King Kong rip his chains off. They are a little scared, but think it may just be part of the act. They paid to see the cute giant, how could anything go wrong. All of his handlers assured them everything would be safe. Once Kong picks up his first lady and eats her, the crowd realizes their situation and runs, but it is too late. They are trapped inside with a marauding terror. We too are trapped, for 4 more years.


thejotus said...

Excellent analogy

Kansas Bob said...

You are such an optimist :)