Friday, January 30, 2009

Standard AM/FM Cassette

So when did Compact Discs or CDs overtake cassettes as the standard media for playing recorded songs. When first release along with a Sony CD player in the US in 1982, it didn't take long. I would say that by 1993, cassettes were out and CDs were in. So why is it that it took auto manufacturers 10 years to change from standard cassette to standard CD. First of all, I think it was the money involved in upgrading. So many people were willing to pay to have the upgrade that it wasn't worth it. Anecdotally, I would say that the Asian auto companies adapted to the CD first. So if you look for used cars, you have a better chance at finding a CD player in an older Honda or Toyota. Meanwhile, Ford, Chrysler, and GM pushed cassette. It is fitting that US manufacturers trailed long behind. If I were working for any of these businesses, I would incorporate a USB port as standard on my new cars, just so that we can have the edge for once.


Kansas Bob said...

An and I were just discussing this one. I agree.. USBs or some other kind of port should have been incorporated into cars years ago. I also think that it would be cheaper if all cars came fully equiped.. the option would be on of 4 colors.. and there would be so many different models.

Along the same lines it gripes me how printer manufacturers can't use one set of cartridges for all of their printers. Kodak is the only manufacturer that does it.

Here endeth the rant :)

jrchaard said...

And it is often cheaper to buy a brand new printer than a cartridge. And you know those halogen lights, where you get the light itself, but a replacement bulb is more expensive than replacing the whole unit.

Kansas Bob said...

Remind me to tell you about my new Kodak printer/scanner/copier that has $15 combo cartridges :)