Thursday, January 8, 2009

Treadmill Library

I am an avid exerciser. I go to the gym many times a week, and when I am not there, I work out at home. You can tell from this frequency that I take my workout seriously. Aside from people confined to light exercise or therapy, I understand that the goal in cardio exercises is to get your heart rate up for an extended period of time. So what I can't fathom is the person that takes the time to get dressed and drive to the fitness center only to perch themselves on the treadmill with a magazine or a book. Their pace is just above a crawl so that they can read the text. An even stranger thing is that you would think the gym would be hip to the fact that reading and exercising don’t mix, so why would they supply magazines. The treadmill manufacturers even provide a ledge to rest reading material on. The only thing that probably interferes with their workout is the occasional interruption of a friend that wants to spend their time running their mouth instead of their feet. Maybe there should be two gyms, one for working out, and one for people that just want to walk a mile in 45 minutes. I might even finish my garage and charge a low low price for people to stand and talk and walk in place.


Kansas Bob said...

Maybe for some the gym is just a good place to get away and de-stress?

jrchaard said...

Very good point.