Friday, February 27, 2009

Zulubuff 10 Point Economic Recovery Plan

I would like to lay out an economic recovery plan that will help turn our economy around and not cost a single penny from the government. As a matter of fact, a large part of it includes a decrease in spending for the Fed. Many of these ideas will not have an impact in the immediate future, but if you are going to build a strong sustainable economy, it must be founded on strong well thought out principles, not knee jerk socialism. I also operate from the premise that all of the stimulus money will have been reversed. For those of you that follow my blog, some of these points will be redundant.

1. Eliminate Minimum Wage – This artificial bottom on wages is squeezing small businesses. A small business owner needs to have the flexibility to pay what the market demands. This will also decrease the demand for illegals and increase domestic employment. The more employed, the more spending there is.

2. Eliminate Illegals from the Economy – They are a drain on public services, take domestic jobs, and pay no taxes. Many are uneducated and criminal. It is a myth that their low labor helps keep prices low. While that may be true for strawberries, it isn’t true for education, car insurance, healthcare, and police. They are a net loss to this country. First we have to build a secure border fence across our entire southern border (other countries protect their borders, why shouldn’t we). Next we have to deport all illegals caught with no due process as they should not be afforded one. Deport all non-capital murder criminals that are illegals as well. How will we pay for all of this. Quite easy. All of the money that is spent providing services to this group of people can easily be applied to the effort. The key benefit here is that once the wall is built and the illegals deported, all the money that was once spent directly for their care can be returned to the tax payer, not to mention the intangibles. Don’t call me crude, it isn’t personal. We must do this so that we can see what level of non-citizen labor we actually need in this country. With all the illegals gone and no minimum wage, the millions of jobless can fill the void. Once we get to a healthy level of unemployment, we can then set guest worker levels, but not before.

3. Eliminate Ethanol Subsidies – This one might not seem very big, but when the economy is sour, the last thing you want is to pay high prices for food. The subsidy for ethanol has a direct correlation to the increase in food prices. Because food product is being used for fuel, there is simply less food product available for people and livestock. Apply and supply and demand and your food prices increase. You save the government money and the consumer money.

4. Drill Baby Drill – The government doesn’t have to spend a dime, they just have to take the restrictions off of domestic drilling. Fuel prices drive the economy. We need more fuel available at cheaper prices. Instead of sending the money over to terrorists, let’s spend it right here. Decrease fuel prices and everything comes down. We also would be able to spend less on defense in the long run as we would no longer care about the politics of the Islamic Facists.

5. National Sales Tax – This one has so many benefits. In short, a national sales tax will eliminate the punitive tax code, eliminate the IRS as we know it, make it so that everyone is financially vested in the state of our nation. The bigger the item purchased, the more you pay in taxes. Isn’t this what Obama wants? You tax illegals and tourists. You eliminate the need for domestic companies to locate overseas. You have to have two amendments to make this one work. One amendment repeals the Federal income tax. The other amendment calls for a national sales tax only with one rate for all purchases. The one rate clause ends the class warfare aspect of the tax code. The fact that there will be no capital gains tax alone will bulge the economy.

6. Balanced Budget Amendment – This one is such a no-brainer. I and everyone else need to balance their budget, why doesn’t the Fed. With a balanced budget and zero debt, I have personally been able to do much more than I did when I had no budget and lots of debt. I was not able to spend my way out of my financial crisis. Why would these principles not apply to our federal government. We need to have a balanced budget amendment. No more trillions of dollars in deficit spending.

7. Line Item Veto – We need an amendment to allow the President a line item veto. If you have a balanced budget amendment, the presidents use of this veto power would only put us further in the black.

8. Eliminate 70% of All Government Programs. Points 6 and 7 will make this easy. We have to ask ourselves, do we really need a department of education, commerce, health and human services, urban development….. Point 5 gets rid of the IRS. For every dollar the government spends on anything, it is a dollar taken from the private sector. Sure there will be massive government layoffs, but all that money will be returned to the private sector, allowing for these people to be employed in the private sector.

9. End US involvement in any International Agency – Do we have to be a part of the UN to do business with other countries. The purpose of the UN as it stands today is to punish mainly the US. Why would we willing submit ourselves to the envy of the rest of the world. I cannot put a tangible dollar to this, but the fact that we won’t be pursuing legislation, such as climate control policies, that is ultimately punitive to our nation has to have a benefit.

10. Provide School Choice – I really don’t know anything the government does that is better than it have been done in the private sector provided the funding were equal. This is the same for education. We are obligated to provide an education, but we are not obligated to make that education a government one. Let’s face, it all begins with the kids. They are our product that we are manufacturing for the future. Because our assembly line is union, we are putting out union quality products. We need to give parents vouchers for their child’s education. Let apply the principles of consumerism to the education system. With competition for your voucher dollars, the quality will only go up. The void of competition keeps our quality low. Parents can apply the voucher to a public school, private school, or home school. In Kansas City Missouri, it cost $10,000 per student per year to provide one of the worst educations in our nation. I choose to home school my children. I could provide the best books, curriculum, and technology for my home schooled children for $10,000 for their entire education. You do the math on this one folks. This one will have the least impact in the short term, but make one of the biggest impacts in the long run.

Don’t believe the propaganda. Government is not the solution. I just spent a few minutes writing down ten principles that will dramatically change our economy for the good, and not a single one included growing government. It literally took me just a couple of minutes, and I didn't consult a single person. Obama’s approach is to treat the symptoms by trying to cover up the wound. To him, of course, it is about power. My 10 points deal with the cause of our economic woes. Treat the cause and you treat the symptoms.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Student Council President Barrak Obama

There are so many things, I don't know where to begin. First off, I was watching CNN this morning and had to turn it off. I chose instead to run while listening to nothing but the sound of the treadmill. Watching CNN is silly of course, but I often find inspiration for a blog post. This morning, I not only found inspiration, I was downright sickened by the blind cult following these newsies give to Obama. The anchors commented, their guests commented, they had “I-reporters” comment, and an economic panel comment. All of them to a person lavished gooey praise on Obama. Not the kind of “good job” praise, but the revival kind of praise. “This President is so very popular (with the media), and the republicans are not very popular (with the media)”. This anchor didn’t site her source, but just put that out there as fact. I call them blind newsies because for the last month, Obama has been talking about how rotten the economy is in every way shape and form, and yet when it is time to do a State of the Union, all the sudden it is campaign speak about hope. Meanwhile, he is already planning on selling more spending on the lack of “hope.” No one on CNN called him out for his double speak. They just blindly swept it under the rug.
The real reporting on Obama should say something about how he is running his administration as if it was in a re-election campaign for student council, promising new soda machines in everyone’s homes. Like Pedro in Napoleon Dynamite, Obama will make your wildest dreams come true. Just as Pedro’s promise was empty, so too is Obama’s message of hope. Obama’s dreams are my nightmares, his hopes are the things I pray will be undone. Like a new born vampire with a blood lust, Obama has wet his appetite on spending and will only desire for more and more. Unlike a vampire, his vanity will keep him checking the mirror, even though there will only be an empty suit staring back at him. Conservatives need to drive a stake into the heart of Obama’s agenda. Who will be our Van Helsing? Will it be Bobby Jindal? Perhaps it will. The apostles of Nosferatu Obama on MSNBC cried to God when they saw Jindal approach the podium to speak. Maybe he had some garlic in his breath. From what I’ve heard though, the garlic might be a little watered down.
How is that for a paragraph of analogies. I tried to fit as many as I could.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Cautionary Tale for Liberal Intellectuals

Liberal intellectuals beware. Why would I offer such a word of caution when they are so clearly in power? Because these intellectuals are under a clear threat if they look to history. You might say that we had a bloodless socialist revolution in our country. It is obvious by the direction we are going. Right now, all the college professors, Washington insiders, and think tank liberals are patting themselves on the back for a job well done. I have to hand it to them, they are quite effective at revolution. They succeeded in Russia, China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Cuba, and now the United States. However, what these idealistic intellectuals have always failed in is leadership and consolidation of power. If you are going to have a socialist state, you have to have a strong central government. To have a strong central government, you have to have a strong central figure leading that government, dictating policies, a dictator if you will. These intellectuals don’t want a dictator as that would crowd them out of the picture. To the intellectuals, their revolution had only the best of intentions. To those that would take power on their coattails, it only means power. Look at Stalin. Stalin was not very highly regarded by Lenin and the other intellectuals of the revolution. When Lenin died, a couple of intellectuals, formed an alliance with Stalin for power. They thought they could control him, but he only used them for the moment and when his power is total, he had the executed. Stalin also expelled Trotsky, another prominent intellectual. Stalin surrounded himself with brutal “yes” men and continued to consolidate his power. Knowing that the intellectuals were the ones that sowed the seeds of rebellion before, he began to execute them. He also executed the military officers, Jews and gypsies, and starved the peasants. Some estimate the death toll to be around 20 million, just to make his power absolute. Where did all those lofty intellectuals go? The same happened in China and Cuba. In Cambodia, if you wore glasses, you were considered an intellectual and executed. I joke about Obama’s civilian national security force, but if I was a liberal intellectual, I would worry, because those in power come after you first.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Obama First President to Read Letters

I watched a news story this morning on ABC that was nothing more than propaganda. It was pure, 100%, propaganda and it was a joint effort between the media and the President. They actually ran a story that said that Obama reads 10 letters a week or a day, that doesn't really matter, from regular schlubbs. They made it seem as if he was the first and only President to read actual letters from the people. I seriously doubt that all previous Presidents never made time to read letters. The reported went on to give 3 examples of the letters that are carefully selected so as not to waste the messiah’s time. One letter was from a business owner that didn’t think it was fair that he would have to lay off workers for no good reason. I suppose keeping his company afloat never crossed his mind. Another letter was from a woman that wanted mortgage relief but was told that she would have to become delinquent on her payments first. Obama used this letter as his battle cry for his mortgage plan by saying that this is the kind of person that needs help. What in the world is Obama talking about. Is he prepared to use the treasury to take care of all of the problems of the bottom 80% of wage earners. The whole time the reporter was reporting on the story, he was giddy, as if he was excited that finally the President could connect to the little man. What a bunch of bull. The best thing Obama’s staff could do would be to keep the letters from belly aching people away from him and submit the ones from economic experts that say his bill will kill the economy.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Obama's Messiah Status Confirmed.

According to a recent Harris poll, President Obama now ranks higher than Jesus as people that Americans consider Heroes. The last thing this guy needs is a poll like this to further his messiah complex. This poll also tends to support my position that government has muscled God out of the lives of Americans. At this point, I really see no turning back. With our current stance, I don't believe God's grace will extend to us anymore.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Nancy Pelosi: Some Animals are more Equal than Others.

I have made many references to Animal Farm in the past, and I'm sure this one won't be the last. What I think has dawned on me recently is that in the past, when I or other people would make references to literature or movies to illustrate a point of absurdity by drawing a parallel between some action of a liberal and something from fiction, it would be done with a degree of humor and lack of real substance. These days, I am seeing the lines between fiction and fact cross. Right now, house speaker Nancy Pelosi, along with several other congressional democrats, are on a taxpayer funded trip to Italy, which just so happens to be the home of Pelosi's ancestry. According to CNN, the flight alone cost over 200k. She justifies her trip by saying that Italy is our most important ally in NATO. I tend to disagree with that statement. If her point was credible, aside from a pope visit, museum tours, and being given the birth certificates of her grandparents, she hasn’t done anything. Where animal farm comes into play is that the pigs changed their constitution to say that some animals are “more” equal than others. It appears the democrats are taking that to heart as they blast corporate execs for trips and retreats, while they themselves journey to Italy, Gaza, and India, on your dime. Remember, this is the power you have given these people. It isn’t about what’s right. What’s right is whatever they determine to be right. It is their money to them, not yours. They feel they have been given this mandate by the people. A mandate that says government is genuine in intention and result and should have all power.
During the election, there were some conservatives that said they wanted Obama to win so that America could get the sour taste of Socialism out of her mouth and elect a true conservative. I hope that happens, but what those people failed to realize is that no Republican or Democrat ever eliminate government programs. Once they are there and once people have become dependent on them, they don’t get touched. We might elect a conservative in 2012, but it will be too little too late. I don’t think McCain would have done much better.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Putin Scolds Obama

I can't believe what side of the ocean I'm on anymore. How did the people let this guy that Putin thinks is too socialist into power.

Eric Holder's Race Baiting: A Nation of Cowards

I happen to agree with Eric Holder, the first black Attorney General (the first black or Hispanic this or that didn’t matter when Bush was President), that we have a nation of cowards when it comes to race. We have a nation of cowardly people that won’t stand up to the racial extortionists. I firmly believe that to the vast majority of Americans, race is no longer a real issue. The nation elected a black President for crying out loud, I can’t believe we are still having this discussion. If it wasn’t for people like Eric Holder trying to keep the racial thing an issue, if it wasn’t for affirmative action programs, if it wasn’t for things like black history month, I believe that the identity of one’s skin would surely fade away. Hyping these things only forces people that didn’t care in the first place to respond in guilt or rejection. With all Obama things, this is a power grab. Using external characteristics to gain an advantage is completely contradictory to the movement to tear down racial divides. A house divided against itself cannot stand. If you advocate for equality but use inequality to gain it, your movement is null and void. With all that aside, I really am just flabbergasted that we still have to listen to this racket. What will it take for this to stop. What success must a black person achieve before we say it is done. I thought it might be the Presidency, so I can’t think of anything higher than that, except maybe messiah. Oh wait, that one won’t work either because Obama was a two for one on that. I don’t recall physical description in the bible. People were characterized by their region or beliefs, not by their appearance. When did this change and how do we go back?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Stimulus, More Stimulus, Bailout, More Bailout

On the very day that Obama signed the historic "stimulus" bill, there is already talk about another "stimulus" bill. Obama said they are not actively working on one. All this says is that the stimulus plan is only about stimulating government control. They took one chunk and won't rule out another one. I predict this plan will work as well as the Auto Bailout. Just a month later and guess what, it didn't work, GM and Chrysler have no plan, and they want more money. Right now I'm listening to Obama speak about the mortgage industry and all the things the Messiah is promising to bring to home owners. To sum it up, if you have a bad loan, we will make it good. If you lost value in your home, we will cover it. Where is there personal responsibility. Since when is it government's job to shield you from pain. The spine of his plan is two fold, government backed as a way of insuring security. How can government backed insure anything anymore. Second, if you don't do what he says, you get no money from the fed. I believer Obama was a pupil of Yoda. "Control, control, you must learn control."

Monday, February 16, 2009

Will there be room for God?

For a long time I have felt that we have allowed government to fill the spot God once did. We look to government for our rules, our morality, our protection, and our salvation. The only thing that was missing was a messiah figurehead. With Obama coming in and filling that position, I now wonder if people have left any room for God in their lives. Just think, 233 years ago, our government was founded. What did our federal government really do. The answer is not much. The document hasn't changed, yet a few decades later, we have established a statutory negation of the need of God. I doubt God will allow us to prosper as a nation without him, and I think we see that all around us.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Obama's Motives Revealed: Transform the Economy

In case anyone was wondering what Obama's motivations are in the stimulus bill, I heard him reveal them in a speech this morning. "We will use this financial crisis to transform the Economy for the 21st Century". The dictionary defines transform as "to change in condition, nature, or character; convert." If our current system is a free market system and Obama plans on transforming it, I guess the result would be something other than capitalism. We are such dunces we can't even see what this man is doing when he tells us in plain terms.
Blognote: for the first time, I went to google images to search for the image you see on this post. It is an image of the transformers decepticons. Fitting for a deceptive President. I typed "decepticon" and clicked he image I desired. I was taken to my own blog. I have come full circle.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Why Speed is the Necessity for Stimulus Bill

Why is it necessary to pass this stimulus bill as soon as possible? It is simple, for the same reason that it is important to pass environmental legislation as soon as possible, the first one will correct itself if left alone and the second is a myth, so the speed is about using emotion and insecurity as a power grab. This stimulus package is nothing more than government trying to take over every industry imaginable. Recent numbers show retail sales up 1% in January, the biggest increase in 14 months and new jobless rates decreasing. All this after congress has compromised on the power grab bill. I'm no different than the American public. When crisis hits, I tend to panic at first. Panic leads to irrational decisions.
Over the last several months, everyone I know that has a job has spoken about cutting back spending, paying off debt, and saving. Going on the assumption that the media has blown this issue out of proportion to first elect Obama, and second to let him grab more federal power, I spoke to a co-worker a couple of weeks ago and expressed my theory of repressed spending. Repressed spending is the voluntary reallocation of funds from activities that result in the permanent or temporary increase in assets. In plain terms, you stop buying stuff and eating out. As Americans we love to do both, and so long as we have a job, no matter what the news says, we will want to acquire things. The more disciplined of us will acquire things using cash only. So, as I drive past car lots, I started to think that at some point, all these people who haven’t been buying while they wait things out will start to buy again and we will see surges in retail. Sure enough, we may be seeing signs of this surge. Obama, take your power grab and throw it in the trash. We have it under control.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

23 Week Abortion: Live Baby Thrown in Trash

This story broke my heart today. It is about an 18 year old that went in to get an abortion, they dilated her, the Dr. didn't show, and the girl delivered a living baby. The non-doctor clinic owner cut the cord and threw the baby away. This story frames it in such a way that you say "how could they have done this to a living baby", but the real story is that the baby was living already. The only difference is in how this baby was murdered. This, and so many other stories, just highlights how ridiculous the pro-murder movement is. They really want you to believe that somehow once the baby emerges from the birth canal, some trigger is flipped and it is considered alive. HOW CAN WE TOLERATE THIS. This clinic owner just showed that it is all about just killing babies, OTHERWISE HE WOULD HAVE TAKEN CARE OF THE CHILD. And what kind of girl is this. It took an anonymous tip to the cops to reveal the dead baby and now the mother wants to sue. She should be taken to jail as an accomplice. What is her lawsuit about. Is it about how mad she is that the murder didn't take place in such a nice and tidy manner. And how were the cops able to identify which 23 week old baby in the trash was the one that was botched. Do you see how crazy this all is. I offer a picture of me and one of my children.

George Washington's Humility and Liberal Arrogance

It has always amazed me how humble George Washington was. When you think about what he did and the example he set, it is mind blowing. Many people wanted Washington to become the monarch of our new nation, which he declined. Many people wanted him to stay on as President for a 3rd term. He declined again. It would be like Frodo going to Mount Doom and actually choosing to throw he ring in. He had the chance at power, but out of humility and his sense of duty to liberty, he set the precedent that has endured of voluntarily laying down power.

Contrast this humility with the arrogance of an FDR. Instead of laying down power after two terms, he convinced himself that he had all the answers for an ailing US and won an unbelievable 4 terms. That is as close to a monarchy as we have had. I don't want to smear his war record, but on the domestic front, we are still living with the nightmare programs he created. Now fast-forward to today. We have a new President cut from a more expensive cloth as FDR. It is his first term, but the way he approaches things, I'm sure he will be calling for the repeal of the 22nd amendment, just as mayor bloomberg is doing in New York. Power is in the people, give it up.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Laying Up Treasures In Heaven

What life in heaven will be like is still a little vague to me. Will I spend my whole time worshiping God or will it kind of be like the garden of Eden. I'm not too concerned because the idea of spending eternity with the creator is very appealing either way. I started to think about the concept of laying up treasures in heaven and putting jewels in your crown. Most likely, these treasures will be given to Christ, but then I started to think about the concept of no mourning. I also figured that when we are in heaven, there will be no envy or greed or jealousy. So the picture came to my mind of people standing in line to present their treasures to God. One person may only have a small purse full while another may have a cart. If there is not feeling of greed or envy or jealousy, will it matter to me that my offering is less or more than others. I know that isn't the point exactly. If I do it out of love, and see that others loved more than me, the normal response to failing in love would be remorse. Will there be remorse, as the scriptures seem to indicate there will be none. Is there a class system in heaven. If there is, what purpose is there if everyone is content where they are at? Just some random thoughts.

Monday, February 2, 2009