Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Cautionary Tale for Liberal Intellectuals

Liberal intellectuals beware. Why would I offer such a word of caution when they are so clearly in power? Because these intellectuals are under a clear threat if they look to history. You might say that we had a bloodless socialist revolution in our country. It is obvious by the direction we are going. Right now, all the college professors, Washington insiders, and think tank liberals are patting themselves on the back for a job well done. I have to hand it to them, they are quite effective at revolution. They succeeded in Russia, China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Cuba, and now the United States. However, what these idealistic intellectuals have always failed in is leadership and consolidation of power. If you are going to have a socialist state, you have to have a strong central government. To have a strong central government, you have to have a strong central figure leading that government, dictating policies, a dictator if you will. These intellectuals don’t want a dictator as that would crowd them out of the picture. To the intellectuals, their revolution had only the best of intentions. To those that would take power on their coattails, it only means power. Look at Stalin. Stalin was not very highly regarded by Lenin and the other intellectuals of the revolution. When Lenin died, a couple of intellectuals, formed an alliance with Stalin for power. They thought they could control him, but he only used them for the moment and when his power is total, he had the executed. Stalin also expelled Trotsky, another prominent intellectual. Stalin surrounded himself with brutal “yes” men and continued to consolidate his power. Knowing that the intellectuals were the ones that sowed the seeds of rebellion before, he began to execute them. He also executed the military officers, Jews and gypsies, and starved the peasants. Some estimate the death toll to be around 20 million, just to make his power absolute. Where did all those lofty intellectuals go? The same happened in China and Cuba. In Cambodia, if you wore glasses, you were considered an intellectual and executed. I joke about Obama’s civilian national security force, but if I was a liberal intellectual, I would worry, because those in power come after you first.

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