Friday, February 20, 2009

Nancy Pelosi: Some Animals are more Equal than Others.

I have made many references to Animal Farm in the past, and I'm sure this one won't be the last. What I think has dawned on me recently is that in the past, when I or other people would make references to literature or movies to illustrate a point of absurdity by drawing a parallel between some action of a liberal and something from fiction, it would be done with a degree of humor and lack of real substance. These days, I am seeing the lines between fiction and fact cross. Right now, house speaker Nancy Pelosi, along with several other congressional democrats, are on a taxpayer funded trip to Italy, which just so happens to be the home of Pelosi's ancestry. According to CNN, the flight alone cost over 200k. She justifies her trip by saying that Italy is our most important ally in NATO. I tend to disagree with that statement. If her point was credible, aside from a pope visit, museum tours, and being given the birth certificates of her grandparents, she hasn’t done anything. Where animal farm comes into play is that the pigs changed their constitution to say that some animals are “more” equal than others. It appears the democrats are taking that to heart as they blast corporate execs for trips and retreats, while they themselves journey to Italy, Gaza, and India, on your dime. Remember, this is the power you have given these people. It isn’t about what’s right. What’s right is whatever they determine to be right. It is their money to them, not yours. They feel they have been given this mandate by the people. A mandate that says government is genuine in intention and result and should have all power.
During the election, there were some conservatives that said they wanted Obama to win so that America could get the sour taste of Socialism out of her mouth and elect a true conservative. I hope that happens, but what those people failed to realize is that no Republican or Democrat ever eliminate government programs. Once they are there and once people have become dependent on them, they don’t get touched. We might elect a conservative in 2012, but it will be too little too late. I don’t think McCain would have done much better.


Kansas Bob said...

These stories point to the sickness of our leaders in DC.. I get so tired of these folks taking junkets on our dime.

It is why I am now a full fledged member and leader wannabe in the


Kansas Bob said...

Did you heard about the Harley Davidson pork that your senator Kit Bond got in the stimulus pkg? Pitiful.. just pitiful..

jrchaard said...

Same old crap, both sides of the aisle. A pig is a pig is a pig, no matter what side of the trough.