Monday, February 23, 2009

Obama First President to Read Letters

I watched a news story this morning on ABC that was nothing more than propaganda. It was pure, 100%, propaganda and it was a joint effort between the media and the President. They actually ran a story that said that Obama reads 10 letters a week or a day, that doesn't really matter, from regular schlubbs. They made it seem as if he was the first and only President to read actual letters from the people. I seriously doubt that all previous Presidents never made time to read letters. The reported went on to give 3 examples of the letters that are carefully selected so as not to waste the messiah’s time. One letter was from a business owner that didn’t think it was fair that he would have to lay off workers for no good reason. I suppose keeping his company afloat never crossed his mind. Another letter was from a woman that wanted mortgage relief but was told that she would have to become delinquent on her payments first. Obama used this letter as his battle cry for his mortgage plan by saying that this is the kind of person that needs help. What in the world is Obama talking about. Is he prepared to use the treasury to take care of all of the problems of the bottom 80% of wage earners. The whole time the reporter was reporting on the story, he was giddy, as if he was excited that finally the President could connect to the little man. What a bunch of bull. The best thing Obama’s staff could do would be to keep the letters from belly aching people away from him and submit the ones from economic experts that say his bill will kill the economy.

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