Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Student Council President Barrak Obama

There are so many things, I don't know where to begin. First off, I was watching CNN this morning and had to turn it off. I chose instead to run while listening to nothing but the sound of the treadmill. Watching CNN is silly of course, but I often find inspiration for a blog post. This morning, I not only found inspiration, I was downright sickened by the blind cult following these newsies give to Obama. The anchors commented, their guests commented, they had “I-reporters” comment, and an economic panel comment. All of them to a person lavished gooey praise on Obama. Not the kind of “good job” praise, but the revival kind of praise. “This President is so very popular (with the media), and the republicans are not very popular (with the media)”. This anchor didn’t site her source, but just put that out there as fact. I call them blind newsies because for the last month, Obama has been talking about how rotten the economy is in every way shape and form, and yet when it is time to do a State of the Union, all the sudden it is campaign speak about hope. Meanwhile, he is already planning on selling more spending on the lack of “hope.” No one on CNN called him out for his double speak. They just blindly swept it under the rug.
The real reporting on Obama should say something about how he is running his administration as if it was in a re-election campaign for student council, promising new soda machines in everyone’s homes. Like Pedro in Napoleon Dynamite, Obama will make your wildest dreams come true. Just as Pedro’s promise was empty, so too is Obama’s message of hope. Obama’s dreams are my nightmares, his hopes are the things I pray will be undone. Like a new born vampire with a blood lust, Obama has wet his appetite on spending and will only desire for more and more. Unlike a vampire, his vanity will keep him checking the mirror, even though there will only be an empty suit staring back at him. Conservatives need to drive a stake into the heart of Obama’s agenda. Who will be our Van Helsing? Will it be Bobby Jindal? Perhaps it will. The apostles of Nosferatu Obama on MSNBC cried to God when they saw Jindal approach the podium to speak. Maybe he had some garlic in his breath. From what I’ve heard though, the garlic might be a little watered down.
How is that for a paragraph of analogies. I tried to fit as many as I could.

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