Monday, February 16, 2009

Will there be room for God?

For a long time I have felt that we have allowed government to fill the spot God once did. We look to government for our rules, our morality, our protection, and our salvation. The only thing that was missing was a messiah figurehead. With Obama coming in and filling that position, I now wonder if people have left any room for God in their lives. Just think, 233 years ago, our government was founded. What did our federal government really do. The answer is not much. The document hasn't changed, yet a few decades later, we have established a statutory negation of the need of God. I doubt God will allow us to prosper as a nation without him, and I think we see that all around us.


Kansas Bob said...

Possibly if most folks in our nation followed God we would not need all of the laws that protect us from ourselves.. of course Christians need divorce courts as much as others to protect themselves from each other.

The sad reality is that we did not and do not care for others in the ways that we should and the govt jumped in because of the vacuum. Many in govt are not evil.. they just want to care for hurting people and don't see anyone else doing it.

Many of the problems in our history could have been solved differently if employers treated their workers fairly.. if husbands didn't betray their vows.. if people just cared for each other.

We have no one but ourselves to blame for big government.

jrchaard said...

And the tri-lateral commision, Council on Foreign Relations, Skulls, Masons... And the marshal court.

Kansas Bob said...

Always easier to blame the boogeyman than see the problem in the mirror Scott.. not that you or I would ever do that :)

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. -Edmund Burke

jrchaard said...

The greatest Trick the devil ever played was convincing us he didn't exist - Kaiser Sose "The Usual Suspects".
I try to hid all mirrors in my house.

Kansas Bob said...

"I try to hid all mirrors in my house."

-now that was funny :)