Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Kathleen Sebelius Makin Kansans Proud

I'm so happy that Obama chose to out Kathleen Sebelius as a tax cheat. We must thank Obama for performing this important function of outing Democrats as tax hipocrits. How many does this make for Obama. The real story is how did these people stay in the public life for so long before being outed. Kathleen Sebelius is the governor of a state. Why is it that none of her Republican opponents had access to such information. Since Obama is on such a good streak, I would like to suggest some other people he could nominate for cabinet positions, Chris Dodd, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Henry Waxman, Bob Wexler, Jay Nixon, any Carnahan kid, Dennis Moore.....(The picture is of Kathleen offering praise and Worship to Barrak Obama)

PIt Bulls Offer Cruelest Death: I Hate These Beasts

There are two things that are guaranteed to crush me emotionally and make my blood pressure skyrocket. Anytime I hear about a toddler or younger death, I feel horrible inside. Whenever I hear about a Pit Bull attacking or killing somebody, I rage with anger at the idiocy of the ownership of such a lose cannon. For the second time this year, I have read a story combining both of these aspects. An innocent and defenseless 7 month old baby was savagely attacked and killed by two Pit Bulls owned by the babies grandmother. The attack happened while the grandmother left to go to the kitchen to feed the baby. She came back and found the attack going on. I can barely even type this post, but it is important for people to know that their cute, "couldn't hurt anyone", Pit Bull is a killer if conditions are right. I have never read about a similar attack by a Lhasa Apso or Poodle. What a horrible way for this baby to die, and think of the parents. I'm not going to post a picture, this is such a tragic story.

Monday, March 30, 2009

FREEDOM and Financial Peace Testamonial Part 3: Rock Bottom

Part 3: Rock Bottom

The year 2006 was an amazing rollercoaster. We had our first son in May of 2006. After a miraculous delivery, my wife and I were on cloud nine. “Debt, what debt. I’m just glad my wife and child are well after that deliver.” That is what I thought until a hospital administrator came in and said “I’m your case worker, and I was wondering why you delivered at this hospital since you don’t have insurance here.” The smile immediately left my face. Somehow that hospital fell out of our network in 2006. We would have to come up with all the money to pay for the birth. The bottom fell out financially. It was amazing that during that time, I was able to find the same peace I had in 2002 when I didn’t have permanent work. I gave that issue to God and had faith that we would be provided for. God again saw us through that situation. Because the delivery ended up being an emergency and we had no other options, the insurance ended up covering the birth. Glory to God.
While the delivery crisis was averted, our credit crisis did not. In late summer 2006, our debt payments, along with living expenses, exceeded my income. My interest rate increased to almost 30% on one card. I called the credit card company, Bank of America, and talked to a manager in customer service. “Do you realize that this increase will forever change the way my family lives, just because a payment was a day late.” Again, grace was extended and our rate was reduced. A couple of things also came together in 2006. The van, the start of all debt, was going to be paid for and I was going to get a raise. This was going to increase our cash flow by almost $350. Unfortunately, that was a full month away and we were not going to be able to pay some bills.
I talked to my wife about how dire our situation was. Let me pause here for a second. One important thing to note is that when it comes to finances, my wife and I used to agree on very little. In fact, during our pre-marital counseling, we scored a ZERO in compatibility when it came to finances. Our counselor commented that no one had ever scored a ZERO in any category before. When you factor in that financial disagreement is the chief cause of divorce, you would think we were doomed. So we talked together and I said that we need a bridge loan, an amount of money that would get us through the next month when our cash flow would turn positive. We both agreed to ask my wife’s parents for the loan.
Normally, when you have to go to your in-laws, you have to eat a piece of humble pie. Fortunately, I had already been on that diet, so I didn’t have a problem asking for the loan. We did the same talk that I’m sure millions of parents have heard about how we want to be accountable, it is only the one loan, we’ll never do it again. I meant every word of it. I’m sure they had some reluctance, but they extended the loan. It wasn’t a large sum, just what we needed for the bridge, but it marked the beginning of the end. I am very thankful for their generosity. From August 2006 until present, we have not taken on any new debt.
In October 2006, once we made the last payment on the Van, my Saturn died forever. We prayed that it would last until the Van was paid off, and that is what we got. Later, we learned to pray for longer periods of time. We were now a one car family, but we had no intentions on getting a car loan. Again, my wife and I entered into prayer and prayed for God’s provision. We would wait and see how God would provide.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Union's PR Nightmare: Arrowhead Stadium Rennovation In Jeopardy

If I'm a Union and I'm considering going on strike, the last thing I would think about disrupting as a result of my strike is Football. As the Kansas City Regional carpenter and ironworkers union set about to negotiate their contract, the cloud of strike looms eerily over Arrowhead Stadium. If there is a strike, it could cause the Kansas City Chiefs to have to play their home games on the road. If there was a support base for Unions, I would think they would pack Arrowhead stadium. I wonder how much they will support them now.

On the guilty side, the story gives me a cheek to cheek smile on so many fronts. First of all, for all those suckers in Jackson County that think taxpayer financed entertainment in the form of stadiums is a good idea, eat your heart out. Second, in a time when unemployment as a record level, it is so nice to see unions complain that they aren't getting paid enough. This just highlights how backward unions are. I walk into work each day just happy to have a job. I would never think about gathering up my coworkers and telling them to stop work unless we get more money. I would get fired and replaced and there wouldn't be anything I could do about it, and rightfully so. Third, take points one and two together at the same time and you have a wonderful PR nightmare for Unions.

Defining Destitute: Today's Grapes of Wrath

Writing this post causes many internal conflicts as I will be judgmental in a way I really don't want to be judgmental. What I really intend is to ponder the concept of destitution as it exists in today’s economy by using one example. This morning on the news, I was watching a segment about charities helping the downtrodden today. The charity had a really good premise so I was intrigued. This charity provided birthday parties for kids that have been affected by the economy and wouldn’t have had one otherwise. What a great way to keep spirits up. The party included gifts, which is where my conscience began to be bothered. Gifts are not the problem so much as what the gifts were. The story flashed to a home whose home was foreclosed on talking about how her son has wanted a playstation 2 since Christmas. Flash over to the child opening his present and there was the playstation 2 he had hoped for. So here is where the judgment kicks in. If you had your house foreclosed on and can’t afford a birthday, is a playstation 2 the best gift to give a child. What about practical items like shoes or clothes or other needed items. Things that the child will like, but will also help the family save money by not having to by those items. This is what has happened in the world of AIG bonus bailout hysteria. Everyone is questioning the choices of everyone else. Don’t get me wrong. I’m happy for the child as he is innocent in all of this. If we are in a new Depression as Obama wants us to think, what would the Depression era equivalent of a playstation 2 be. What would the Joad’s of the Grapes of Wrath be hauling around with them on their way to California. Would it be a steam engine railroad set? What do you think?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Right of Obama Equals Enemy

How long must we go one before we call Obama the Hitler of our times. The tactics of Isolate and attack through propaganda are unbelievably similar. According to a Fox article, the Fusion Center, some sort of government agency, has reclassified what it considers a paramillitary group to include anti-abortion activists and supporters of a third party. What on earth is this non sense. If it were in a movie I wouldn't believe it. We all just sit around and say to ourselves, "we could never be like the Nazis". After the war, the Nazis asked themselves if they really signed on for what happened. If we allow ourselves to be separated and branded, we may as well put the tattoo on our wrists ourselves. I didn't see anything about environmental terrorist or animal activists that commit actual acts of violence. NEWSPEAK. Orwell nailed it folks.

Monday, March 23, 2009


On this 4th day of spring, when the wind howls through the newly budded trees, as the clouds begin to darken and the precipitation begins to fall, I think of my grandmother, affectionately known as Ma'am. Today she passed away and I will never see her again, never laugh with her, or talk about politics. She loved severe weather and so do I. I will never think of another thunderstorm without thinking of her. How ironic that for such a gentle woman, I would remember her with such a violent force of nature. For those that knew her they would tell you that she feared no storms and stood as a pillar against their force. I honor your life Ma'am. I will alway remember calling you Mammy and you calling me sonny in return. I will remember how you used to keep the special soda in your refridgerator, like squirt and canfield's chocolate cherry soda. I remember she had spot on the couch that she would always sit in, close to the lamp, with her stack of newspapers she was reading next to her. I remember she always had a copy of mad magazine there to read, and a chest of toys in the hallway. I remember her gardens and her backyard, so lush with green. I remember my mom and ma'am spending long periods of time saying good bye to each other in the doorway, in the garage, and then in the drive way. I remember sitting on the fire place, that was my spot. I remember her assorted cats and dogs, all of which had character. Most of all I remember the conversations with her. From as long as I can remember, she spoke to you and listened and took interest. She didn't look down on you because you were a kid. She loved to luagh, and I liked to make her laugh. One time Ma'am and I were separated at my brother's wedding to keep from entertaining each other too much. What a treasure she was. I will miss you Ma'am

FREEDOM and Financial Peace Testamonial Part 2: Debt Grows

Part 2: Debt Grows

The next year began with some transitions. I lost my job twice in 2002. Since I had no savings, I mean why save when you have credit, I used my credit card to pay bills and get by. My future wife also had some financial issues and we used my credit card to cover several of her bills as well. Add to this the use of the card for impulse buys, and the debt started to mount. The balance was growing faster than my salary. I spent lots of time in spread sheets trying to figure out how and when this thing would be paid off. The timeline went on and on.
In October of 2002, one year after purchasing the car, I was born-again. My future wife and I were split up again and I had lost my job. I was at the bottom. I heard God’s voice clearly tell me to call my future wife. I thought I was crazy, but I went along with the conviction that was planted in my head. I picked up the phone and called her. She was just as surprised as she also thought she wouldn’t hear from me again. We had a good conversation, but I wasn’t there yet. A week later, while driving in my debt laden car, I came to Christ.
Since this testimonial is centered around debt, I will keep it focused there and won’t discuss all of the blessings that came not relating to debt, such as marriage and 5 kids. The next 10 months I worked as a temp, working 60 hours because the overtime was the only thing keeping me afloat. My future wife and I, not known for extravagant purchases, still managed to increase the debt load with little things, like eating out and planning for a very modest wedding. Working as a temp is a challenge because you never know when it could be your last day. This was a great time for me to trust in the Lord. As I increased my faith, more doors were made open. I was eventually hired as a permanent employee and have continued to work for this firm, doubling my starting pay in 6 years.
Also, during this time, we decided to have my wife quit her job one month before the wedding. We thought that with our combined income and decreased bills, this would be good timing for her to find a job that would be less demanding and allow her to spend more time with her daughter, my future step-daughter, who would become my future adopted daughter. Two months after we were married, my wife was pregnant and never went back to work (you can start to see the blessings really come in).
One income put a stress on our finances, but the rewards of my wife staying at home were great. In reality, we had a negative cash flow for the first year. With a negative cash flow, our credit card came in handy. It is amazing that once you reach your limit on a card, two things happen. First, your credit limit increases. Second, you apply for that second card, the one with the 0% for balance transfers, as if that will solve your problems. While our blessings were multiplying, our debt was too. At this point in 2003, we had two cards and two cars worth of debt. In 2004, our daughter was born and we bought a house. Like so many millions of other people, we financed 7k of debt into our house. Even with this transfer, we still had some debt left over on the card(s). We were too ignorant at the time to cut them up, so what did we do for the next 2.5 years? CHARGE IT. Little things here and there over that time, and our debt managed to go as high as 17k, with no savings. It was amazing, with 17k in debt, we really didn’t have anything to show for it.
During this time, the van started to fall apart. It began when the paint started chipping off, which is very odd for newer cars, but very symbolic of what that van represented. Our van has never had any major mechanical breakdowns, but has been plagued with so many other things, I think it was God’s way of reminding me not to repeat the bad choices I made in the past. In addition to the fact that the Van is now nicknamed ‘brown top’ because of its rusted roof, allow me to list all of the other defects: Service engine light on for 6 straight years, faulty tail lights and indicator, washer fluid indicator comes on whenever washers are used, radio doesn’t work, seatbelt needed to be replaced, faulty rear hatch lock, control panel dials flicker in heat, cup holder busted, windshield wiper skips across windshield, running boards falling off, faulty locks, slipping transmission. And so the debt grew.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Best Wife

By the way, I'm home sick and I have the best wife. When I get sick, it is usually during the weekend. It is like my body knows to save the worst of it for a time I don't have to miss work, which is especially important because of some things that I'm working on. So, on the two days she gets a break, she ends up having to be on kid duty all day and night while I stay in bed, and she is a good nurse. Thank you honey, I love you.

Obama's Change: Jabba No bargain

Well, we got our first glimpse as to why Presidents, including Bill Clinton, have stayed away from exposing ourselves to weakness by being diplomatic with state sponsors of terror, like Iran. Remember during the debates, every body pounded on Obama for wanting to go the pacifist route with rogue nations. But, everybody wanted his change, so now you have it. Barrak Obama basically got down on his hands and knees and begged for Iran and US relations. What Obama, who has no ideology than that of the state, didn't realize is that our breach in relations is all about ideology. There is no peaceful coexistence between Iran and non-muslims, per their request. It is in their quor'an. So when Mr. Arrogant bows before them, the damage he has done to the image of power for the United States will be felt in the years to come. Weakness is met with islamic determination. When Bill Clinton never responded to repeated terror attacks, the stage was set for 9/11. He didn't have to say anything. His mere inaction spoke loud enough. What will happen now that Obama has said, we concede. We elected a celebrity, just like Sean Penn. Sean Penn goes to Venezuela, Obama does an online video to Iran. This stuff is pathetic. What should we expect to get from a celebrity. Maybe he is too busy training for the Special Olympics to notice what he is doing.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Obama's Trillions

In the movie, Brewster's Millions, Richard Pryor had to spend 30 million dollars in 30 days with no assets to show after that time for him to get the real inheritance of something like 100 million dollars. I think Barrak Obama must have been promised something similar. If he spends 30 trillion dollars in 100 days, what will Obama get. I read this headline indicating that Obama said it would cost 1.5 trillion dollars to overhaul healthcare. Obama's tactic is to just state some outlandish dollar figure and say that if you trust him with the money, he will fix it. At one time, such an approach would have been laughed at. Why not say that 3 trillion dollars will cure cancer. I'm sure with such a large sum, we probably could find a cure. There is probably an estimated dollar figure that could fix any problem. The problem is that since the money doesn't exist, we can't do it. Obama has found a way around this. What an ego on this guy.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

FREEDOM and Financial Peace Testamonial Part 1: The Beginning

Over the next several weeks, I will share my testamonial on how I came into debt and how I got out of debt.

Part 1: The Beginning

As with all long journey’s, it began simple enough. I was living by myself in a one bedroom apartment making about 30k a year. To date, I had no “perceived” debt. Perceived from the standpoint that while I did have a ‘normal’ car payment, I did not have a credit card. The idea of a credit card seemed bad to me, and then the envelope came, “0%.” The idea started to bubble in my brain. ‘Everyone’ said you should have a card to build credit and for an emergency. If it just stayed in my wallet, it wouldn’t do any harm.
When you account for my bills and car payment, I really didn’t have that much discretionary income, maybe 300 per month, but that seemed to get me by. At 24 years of age, you don’t really plan for a disaster, so I had no emergency fund. What I didn’t think through was the disaster compounding interest on a credit card can be. So I sent off for the credit card and was confirmed with a 5K credit limit at 0% interest for the first 12 months.
Psychologically, having access to 5k in funds when you only have $300 per month in discretionary income is dangerous. It makes you lustful for things. I was able to resist the temptation as I am a great window shopper. I like to look and daydream about having things, but getting me to buy them is like kicking a goose out of your pond in the winter. Unfortunately, if you find just the right trigger, even the goose moves out of its comfort zone.
Now let’s introduce the trigger. My wife (not the trigger) had been my girlfriend for a year at that time. We were pretty sure where our relationship was going. By the way, up to this point and the year to follow, I had no relationship with Christ. I was in the world and of it, making decisions on my own. When you are in that place, you can rationalize every decision you make. Back to the trigger. My future wife was in need of a new car, more so out of convenience than necessity. Her Cavalier wasn’t in perfect condition, but it likely would have lasted a few more years. We rationalized she needed a minivan that would be more spacious to carry ‘things’, and wouldn’t we want to take a vacation some day? Passenger wise, it was carrying my future wife and her daughter, and sometimes me. But we remembered how there was very little room in the Cavalier when we did go some place or did grocery shopping, and we recalled how frustrating and uncomfortable this was to both of us. Frustration and foolishness without Christ-centered decision-making leads to folly.
We decided that a used minivan was the solution to our problems. We started shopping around and found the perfect automobile, a 2000 ford Windstar LX. This was October of 2001, so the van was only a little over a year old. It was a nice car. We did our research and landed on a selling price of about 14k. We patted ourselves on the back for such a good purchase. While in the finance manager’s office, I came up with a brilliant idea. Since I have a credit card just collecting dust in my wallet, how about I put a $1,000 down payment on the van. After all, financing 1k at 0% interest is better than having it financed at 6%.

To add insult to injury in this bad decision-making, I told my future wife that I would make the down payment on the credit card on the stipulation that we would move in together, in sin, a concept that was still foreign to me. After all, if we could eliminate the living expenses of one of us, then we could pay the $1,000 off and make extra payments on the van, so I pushed the idea. With neither of us having any formal financial training, it was the blind leading the blind. She grudgingly agreed, and we set in motion a debt train that took us seven years to derail.
As a result of this one transaction we ended up with a 14k car loan, 1k in new credit card debt, and a choice to live in a way that would bring us no blessings. All of these factors have caused unbelievable hardships in both our lives and finances. My future wife came to her senses later and decided that we would not be moving in together, just a week before my lease expired. This in turn made me furious. I didn’t understand her reasons at the time and we broke up, albeit for a month. Later, I learned greatly to respect the hard line she took. As I became a Christian, I was thankful that we never moved in together. Regardless, we still had the debt.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Dave Ramsey Predicts Crocodile Hunters Death

I am a graduate of the Financial Peace University. I am debt free. I don't want to be become complacent, so I am listening to the FPU course while I drive. Truly, the video is better, but I only have the audio. One of the funny, but not so funny, thing about listening to the audio versus the video is that you get to hear some things that were edited out of the video. In the first lesson, Dave is discussing the danger of credit cards. One day, those credit cards are going to get you. He then makes an analogy to the Crocodile Hunter, the late Stever Irwin, he says, and I paraphrase, " you know that crocodile hunter on TV, he is always messing snakes and crocodiles. One of these days he is going to get it. They will get him. Now I hope that doesn't happen after I shoot this video because we'll have to edit it out." Sadly, the video was filmed before Steve's death and they did edit it out of the video, but not the audio. Maybe he should have left it in the video to illustrate his point even more.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fear in Today's Economy

My wife was speaking to me about fear last night. I was thinking that most fear that I have is not in the moment but in the future. Will I be employed, is my emergency fund big enough, what if a car breaks down, how will changes at work affect my income or employment. I thought of the bible passage from Mathew 6:34 in which Christ says "Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own." I'm not revealing anything earth shattering here, but it is something that I am going to focus on. Each day that we have is a gift. We do not know when our time will come. If I spend my whole day fretting about the future, I will lose sight of what is in front of me. I will allow it to control me. When it comes to work and finances, I will use this scripture to keep these fears away. 6 years ago, when I was working as a contractor, every day I came to work had the possibility of being my last day. I would obsess over my future. I was stuck. Once I started putting my future in God’s hands, things started to open up for me. I need to do that again. I think this is what our nation is missing.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Rush Explains Obama is a Manchurian Candidate

Several months ago, during the election, I listed Barrak Obama as the Manchurian Candidate for the ethanol industry. At the time, I was pretty wrapped up in the idiocy of subsidized ethanol and its negative trickle down effect. I was very short sighted in who Obama was the Manchurian Candidate for. Yesterday, I ventured to guess that Obama was just a puppet, but forgot to call him the Manchurian Candidate. On today's Rush Limbaugh show, he mentioned an article that said Obama is a Manchurian Candidate for some force that is set out to destroy the United States. This stuff is starting to catch on.

Obama Offers the Sadist Comfort

Barrak Obama's vision of hope and comfort during these difficult times is likened to a sadist before their tools of torture assuring their victim it won't hurt. Like the sadist victim, the people of this nation are starting to come around and realize the punishment this man is inflicting on our nation and our economy. I realize this is a harsh comparison, but every time Obama offers comfort, and then says something that drops the stock market 200 points or inflicts some sort of new program that will only cause economic pain, I question his hope. Truman had a plaque on his desk that said the buck stops here. Obama's plaque will read, Abandon all hope all ye who enter here.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Obama's End Game: One World Government

I may have just jumped into the camp of the conspiracy theorists. It is really hard not to. All the things people have been talking about for years are actually coming about. I went out on a limb this weekend when I told my brother-in-law that the financial meltdown, with its start in artificially high oil prices, bad mortgages, and a run on banks, had a purpose. I believe that purpose is to push the one world government. If we all just unite for the one cause, the one government only makes sense. This is the logic that will be pushed on us all. I had only to wait 24 hours and there is a fox story talking about a global stimulus. The greater the responsibility, the greater the authority. My theory is taken from Alexander Hamilton's grab for federal power. Obama and his puppet masters will use this crisis to push for a world bank. That bank will print some sort of currency. Each country can then get loans from this bank. Each country and institution that is in debt to the bank will fall under its authority. Think about Obama's rise to power. Isn't it odd that we knew so little about this man. Isn't it odd that he can't speak without the aide of a teleprompter. The guy is just a face for the power behind the curtain. Didn't he only get elected because he could deliver a good speech. If I had the skill, I would turn this into a screenplay. It would be pretty cool. Take a man and groom him to be a good orator, then, when the time is right, orchestrate a global financial meltdown, make this guy president, and then push for the one world government. That's all I have for now, I have to take my medicine now. Or maybe you are crazy for not seeing it.

I May Have Misunderestimated Him

My friend Kansasbob said that I may have misunderestimated obama. I think he is right.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Obama Can't Speak Without a Telepromter

This, after 2 years of campaigning and over a month in office has somehow become news. I suppose I don't consider it news because conservative media has been pointing it out for at least the last year. Anytime I have heard him speak without this aid, he bungles all over his words and uses the phrase "uh" to keep a rythmic beat. I look back at the field day the press had with George Bush and his inability to give a speech. I have enjoyed watching his many flubs on comedy reels. Obama is not far from Bush in this regard when he is forced off message. It is sad though, that this, and other such reporting didn't come out during the primaries.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Looks Like I Picked the Wrong Time to....Elect a Socialist

Remember the movie Airplane. It is a classic for sure. Some of the more memorable quotes came from Lloyd Bridges character as he slowly regretted quiting more things as the stress began to mount. It started simple enough, "looks like I picked the wrong week to quit smoking". Then it escalated to drinking, amphetamines, and finally glue. If you remember, it was sniffing glue that had him hanging upside down in the control tower and led to him finally jumping out of the window. I feel a little bit like Lloyd these days under the Obama administration, and I'm sure millions of other responsible people do too. Obama unveils one spending package after another, each designed to cushion the blow of bad decisions. Recently I completed a several year journey to pay my debt off. Looks like I picked the wrong time to pay my debt off. Obama is now coming out with another 200+ Billion dollar bailout for consumer and mortgage debt. If only I had waited. The type of behaviour Obama is supporting is destructive to the economy and moral fabric of our nation. He will cause every manner of person to regret being responsible. Looks like I picked the wrong time to get a job. Looks like I picked the wrong time to pay my mortgage. Looks like I picked the wrong time to provide healthcare for my family. Looks like I picked the wrong time to invest. Eventually there will be a bailout for chronic gamblers, which will lead some people to say, looks like I picked the wrong time to stop gambling. In reality, it looks like we picked the wrong time to elect a socialist.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Obama Bails Out Kansas, Appoints Sebelius

Clearly, Obama is pushing us into a direction that will be disasterous, but in the short term for Kansans, Barrak Obama has just pushed through a 1 person stimulus bill. By removing Kathleen Sebelius from the governorship of Kansas, this state will no doubt breathe a sigh of relief. As a former Kansan, thank you Obama.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Obama Great for Clinton Image

I have found myself doing it more than just once, looking back nostalgically on the Clinton Presidency. He raised taxes, destroyed morality, tried to nationalize healthcare, redefined the word “is”, waged fake wars, and ignored the growing terrorist threat setting the stage for 911. Most of what he did was try to build an image and a legacy. As long as he kept his focus on that, he never went to extreme. He even managed to pass welfare reform. The man never had more than 50% of the vote in either election, so he never carried a real mandate. What myself and many other conservatives are now saying is that I wish I had Bill Clinton or even Hillary Clinton in office right now. Obama is a juggernaut of socialism. He moves his agenda with the same speed Hitler moved into the sudentenland, a blitzkrieg of big government legislation. There are some scary parallels between Hitler and Obama. Ultimately, in Germany’s poor economic condition, he needed a scapegoat, which became the Jews. Who will become Obama’s scapegoat. Will it be evangelicals. What will Obama do with his civilian defense force? The whole business makes me sick. I was watching Fox New Saturday morning during their financial coverage with Neil Cavuto. I think this guy is also becoming nauseous with the lack of financial principles and double speak. Through all of this chaos, Bill Clinton sits in his recliner watching news coverage of “tea parties” around the nation with a smile. His favorite station must be fox because it does allow Obama criticism. Bill likely tunes into talk radio to listen to his favorites, Rush, Hannity, and Savage. He probably even tries to call in. He is tickled that his wife has taken the job in the Obama administration that requires the most travel. His worst nightmare would have been for Hillary to become secretary of the interior. I wonder if he invites Monica over for any sleepovers. He shouldn’t care anymore. People are less picky these days.